Reader: February 3, 2011

This post originally began January 24th. It’s taking me that long to get my act together. Sigh.

Do nothing for 2 minutes. Good luck. I failed like 5 times.

– Awesome coin necklaces by Oatie.

– Chitra teaches you how to make yellow peanut rice. Yum!

– Wish I could’ve gone to the chili fest.

Pitfalls of Google Art Project. I just can’t imagine they would ever be able to stay up to date and include such a vast load of inventory. All that manpower and precision required would be too much for anyone to handle, including Google. It’s a great attempt though.

– Aja starts blogging again. Check out stem + leaf for all things healthy.

– How to become a self-management superhero.

– How meditation may change the brain.

Angry Art Letters in the Lower East Side.

– I want this balloon dog bookend, and not get sued by Koons for it.

Beautiful man pictures. 9 out of 10 are yucky, but they tried.

– Vote for Food + Tech Connect!

– Music blog zeitgeist 2010 including 50 most blogged about artists! My new discoveries: Phantogram and School of Seven Bells. Is Kanye West on the list? Inevitably, yes.

– Kenneth Cole’s use of #cairo is…distasteful.

– Luminary Labs is sponsoring a social technology event for social media week.

– Foodspotting is also hosting an event. Why must all these titillating events happen during the day? People have day jobs!!

Animated GIF paranoia about nonstop design workers.

– Why social media is bringing back our Grandparents’ values.

5 social sites you may not have heard of yet.

– I don’t really understand what Hyperpublic is. Can someone explain?

– Art of the memoir.

– Rihanna’s new video S&M is: not that scandalous, not a very good song, does remind me of lady Gaga’s Paparazzi, but she does look awesome with a latex head cap.

– MTA string quartet. It’s pretty cryptic and hypnotic.

– VIP Art Fair totally sucked!

Top 10 characteristics of great project managers.

Interview with my dearest goofball Jon Burgerman. He’s performing on the 9th at Lit Lounge, fyi.

– The end of blogging. “First it was embarrassing because bloggers were these dirty, horrible people, and then it was embarrassing because our grandmas have blogs, God bless them”. I’m also seeing that folks are giving up wordpress to head to tumblr. What’s that about?

– Greenpoint Co Working is hosting a screening of What’s Organic About Organic?


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