Reader: February 4, 2011

Bar etiquette. The comments are the best.

– 10 best BYOB restaurants.

– Brooklyn’s best new designers.

– Menu Fail.

– Write a bad restaurant review. Get sued.

– Lessons learned from the blogosphere, a TED lecture by artist Sharon Butler of the blog Two Coats of Paint.

– Social Media addicts making millions. He’s a fascinating character.

– A Trader Joe’s survival guide.

– What are the best ways to measure and track the impact of new media efforts?

– Zooey de Chanel has a blog too. Love her or hate her, I think she’s harmless.

– Inside the Good Food Awards.

– Amanda Bandanas!

– The psychology of color with illustrative infographic.

DSLR cage made by filmmakers, for filmmakers.

Food manifesto for the future.

– Sesame street recipes: so cute!

– What makes a community manager?

– “The cooking of Africa has yet to have its moment on the foodie radar.”

– Trick your brain into remembering.

– How technology is changing the way we eat.

– Wall Street Journal on Greenpoint.

– Ode to bottarga-n-butter sandwich.

– Markowitz riding a tricycle.

– Clones of crazy ant queens.

Websites of the damned.

Foodily, the ultimate recipe search engine.

The state of the web. Hysterical.

7 reasons you shouldn’t check email first thing in the morning. Good luck.

– This is pretty disturbing.

– Hipsters have always been prepared for the end of the world.

– Social media from the inside out.

– Maybe I’ll try this to quit smoking.

– For those with resolutions to write more.

– On keeping a twitter.

Pun raccoon.


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