Reader: February 5, 2011

– Pretty stoked to be in a room surrounded by 10 sets of giant eyes. Go see Andy Warhol’s Screen Tests at MoMA.

Vagina Steam. The comments are the best.

Four artists whose works are thoughtfully ingrained in African American history.

– Hiroshi Sugimoto’s Cabinet of Curiosities.

– John Constable’s obsession with clouds. I wish my obsession didn’t induce panic.

– Art, plagiarism, and the death of originality, or less importantly, why Koons wants to sue a company for making balloon dog bookends.

Bad at Sports on Other Peoples Pixels. OPP responds. BAS wins.

Superbowl bet is on between Milwaukee Art Museum and Carnegie Museum of Art, and they’ve put some major works on the line.

Andrew Vicari, contemporary court painter. Adams is totally mocking him. John Berger quotes “I’m not sure that in any other period but the one we are in could a guy have achieved what he has, that money, doing what he does with all those clichés.” O wait this is the best part: ”

This Damien Hirst, with his stuffed sharks, is just an ornithologist!

You mean a taxidermist?

Yes, that’s it, a taxidermist.”

Oh wait this is even better:

But van Gogh was mad, and Vicari is not. Your paintings should not be along that line: not mad.

So that, he said, is what I have aimed for.

Sanity? I said.

Exactly, he said.

– How #followfriday is supposed to work.

– To artists and arts organizations: Die with Dignity.

Born this Way: a sweet blog collecting childhood photos submitted by gay adults, capturing them “showing the beginnings of their innate LGBT selves.”

– This dude gets famous people to sign his name.

Egypt rally v. Bieber rally.

– Andre Breton: Nadja


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