My first story for Hyperallergic

I’ve been having the hardest time crawling out of this rut. My brain is 100% overwhelmed and scattered and I can only be so productive under these conditions. The combination between just having one too many projects in my hands and suffering from hyper-ADD when faced with computer time (emails, facebook, twitter, links after links of random links) it’s difficult to keep my priorities in check.

Despite it all, I am proud to have squeezed out my first story for one and only art blogzine, Hyperallergic. I’ve been assigned to cover an ever growing art scene in Greenpoint every two weeks. That’s a daunting but not impossible task. I am currently working on a story about a starving artist who asked for money while walking down Nassau Ave. Until then take a gander over at Hyperallergic where my first story covering Fowler Arts Collective can be found.


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