One step at a time

I’ve been filling my head with not so happy thoughts lately. I’ve been questioning people’s motivations, setting standards and expectations that inevitably lead to disappointment and dismissal. There’s been a time in my life where cynicism and bitterness surrounded my everyday and there are moments when those thoughts and feelings come back with a fury. The last six months have been a tumultuous period, completely losing my grounding and steady hold in life. I’m not sure where all these community events and projects are leading in the long run, I’m impatient and want them to lead to successful money making endeavors NOW, continue to build whatever skills I need to build to take me to happy places NOW, and calm the hyperactive storm to a balanced level of happiness, enjoyment, peace and contentment. At times I’m successful at reminding myself to be grateful and relaxed, and to take things as they come and ride the wave til I wash up on shore again. I wish this were one of those moments, one of those moments where I tell myself to shut my trap and just breathe. Take all my ideas and thoughts and To Do’s…

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  1. I can totally relate, I too with Pocket Utopia and it’s spin offs, Hippie Potluck and other curatorial and community endeavors feel like I work for free for other people. I’m such a huge fan of your work, we should go get a doughnut someday! AT

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