Missed Connections with Donkey at the Armory

Taking leads from Art Fag City’s trendwatch post on missed connections at the art fairs I found the donkey listing she referred to and thought it heartfelt. I usually avoid convos like this, usually just smile, nod and move on. One time at MoMA a surly older man made some comment about a painting and I continued the friendly talk but regretted so immediately as I couldn’t shake him off of me for the rest of my visit. Annoying.

The donkey installation mentioned in the listing is by Gimhongsok and is accompanied by a sign propped against the wall, instigating suspicions of a live performance. Clearly we were duped as there is no one breathing inside the costume. It’s a funny take on an immigrant’s experience in the American job force and cultural regime, treated like an ass for being wrongfully deemed criminal as illegal immigrants. It’s a sensitive topic that makes my blood boil, this piece provides for a refreshing response on immigrant struggles.


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  1. sven

    unrelated..but have u seen this?
    be prepared…….

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