Armory Highlights

I didn’t bother asking gallerists for the name of artists for works that remained labelless. It wasn’t worth their time. So here are my uninformative highlights:

Damian Ortega at White Cube

Scott Myles at The Breeder

at Peter Kilchmann Gallery

Susan Hiller at Timothy Taylor Gallery

at Michael Stevenson Gallery

William Daniels at Marc Foxx Gallery

at Galerie Laurent Godin

Alexander Gorlizki at Greenberg Van Doren Gallery

Sam Van Aken at Ronald Feldman Gallery

at Upstream Gallery

at Bryce Wolkowitz Gallery

Lori Nix at Catherine Edelman Gallery

Anton Henning at Zach Feuer

Analia Saban at Josh Lilley Gallery

Ivan Navarro at Paul Kasmin Gallery

Gimhongsok at Kukje Gallery/Tina Kim

Lara Favaretto at Ester Schipper/Galleria Franco Noero

Steven Bindernagel at CRG Gallery

Kim Sooja at Galleria Raffaella Cortese

Darina Karpov at Pierogi Gallery

Bart Stolle at Zeno X

at Galerie Michael Janssen

Daniel Arsham at Galerie Ron Mandos

Keltie Ferris at DCKT Contemporary/Horton Gallery

Cordy Ryman at DCKT Contemporary/Horton Gallery

Reynold Reynolds at Galerie Zink

Theo Mercier at Gabrielle Maubrie

Lionel Esteve at Baronian Francey

Petros Chrisostomou at Nicholas Robinson Gallery

at Nicole Klagsbrun Gallery



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3 responses to “Armory Highlights

  1. Joann

    Noted! Thanks for that Sven, you’re officially UDA’s editor! 😀

  2. sven

    Kewl! thats a paying gig right?

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