Angel & Joann Sitting in a Tree…

So in case you haven’t heard, Angel and I started a blog. It’s called…. Angel and Joann. It’s the place I get to go to indulge in my new lifestyle, that of a soon to be domesticated housewife. Pretty insane to think this is all happening, so soon, so unexpectedly. Especially considering how far away I was from ever considering such a potentially heinous way of life. Up until a year ago I never would have guessed I’d be getting married to a beautiful and loving man. It’s nauseating really.

Over at the blog I’ll be sharing my experiences and discoveries as the big fat wedding day approaches in May and it’ll continue from there on to document our so very interesting experiences as a couple. Places we go, things we find, stories to share. Hope you will join in on the conversation.

Check it here.

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