Photographer Selling Photos to Help Parents in Japan

images screengrabbed from artist's site


I received an email from a friend about photographer Yuki Kokubo who is selling her photographs to help her parents in Japan. Here’s her story:
Since my parents live only about 70 miles from the damaged nuclear plant in Fukushima, I have been reading the news constantly to try to determine how my they will be affected by the increased radiation levels. Train lines are down and there is a gasoline shortage in the area ,so they are not able to flee to a safer place at this time. Like everybody else in the area, they are staying indoors with the windows shut. Thankfully, they have basic foods to sustain them for another couple of weeks.

My parents earn their living by making pottery. They earn the majority of their annual income at a craft fair that happens every spring, but it will most certainly be cancelled this year. My father also works for an excavation company part-time but they will not resume operations because of the uncertain risk of radiation exposure. Unfortunately, due to the combination of lack of work and the cancellation of the craft fair, my parents will be facing financial hardship in the coming weeks. Since I am currently in graduate school full-time and don’t have a source of income, I have decided to sell some prints to try to help out them out.

I think this would be a great project for Jen Bekman’s 20×200 to get involved.

Find more info and details about the artist’s efforts here.



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