Beet Hummus and Toasted Thymey Pita Bread

Last weekend my dearest Jen of Morta di Fame fame (who also happens to be my brideslave and co-organizer of Greenpoint Open Studios) launched a new supperclub called ROYGBV. Say that outloud and you’re talking baby blabber. Each letter reps the color of the rainbow and subsequently six people are invited and assigned a color to incorporate into their potlucked dish to share with the group. The dinner was coordinated by invitation and was a nice mix of artists and creative types. There were a handful of photographers, painters, and little ‘ol me.

I was assigned a red appetizer and beets immediately came to mind. Come day of dinner I was so lazy and feared approaching the kitchen. The stove has been neglected for a few weeks now but I’m hoping that’ll change as soon as I move into Angel’s apartment. I thought of an easy way with beets and goat cheese with a sprinkle of salt & pepper. Than I reminded myself that Jen was great and I shouldn’t disappoint her because that would make me a very bad friend so I searched and found this recipe for beat hummus. What a great idea! Minimal ingredients and easy to make, this may not be a traditional replacement of chickpea based hummus but it surely does the trick.

I doubled the recipe to make sure I fed enough but after the first batch I lowered the lemon juice intake as it was coming out too tangy. But it’s enough for you to play around with proportions.

Lemon and garlic make it tangy and savory and it’s pretty damn good dipped in toasted pita bread. All I did was literally cut up pita bread in triangles, dabble it in oil, season with salt & pepper and give it a hefty sprinkle of fresh thyme. So. Good.

Aja says hummus freezes well so it’s a great left over snack  if not utilized as appetizer. Enjoy!

Recipe here.

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  1. oh man, that looks good.. i’m going to have to try that sometime soon!

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