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Something I Ate: April 29th

I’m co-curating this riotous food and art event, Something I Ate. Artists are invited to create an artwork somehow reflecting a week’s worth of their eating habits and Sam Kim of (Skimkim fame) will concoct a dish derived from each artist’s work. Visitors fall victim to this visual-sensual gluttony, a multi-consumptive experience that very well may leave you passed out in a state of oversaturated art-food coma. Thirty bucks for entry might sound steep but consider the fact this ain’t your run of the mill art show. There will be thoughtfully created dishes for your eating pleasure, drinks provided by Kanon Organic Vodka, and music provided by Skimkim herself. This is one event you won’t want to miss.

Tickets here.


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Northside Open Studios: Meet & Greet: April 26th

I’ve spent the last month bustin’ my balls between moving apartments, planning  wedding that’s (gasp!) four weeks away, and organizing Northside Open Studios. I can barely keep my head on straight and won’t sleep right until all of this is over. There will no doubt be many fun moments to be had but honestly, producing events whether it’s a pie contest or a wedding ceremony is not easy, especially if you’re a pathetic procrastinator and don’t get no drive to do anything til the last minute. This must be stopped.

Without further ado, I am proud to present Northside Open Studios, a collaborative four day art event between Greenpoint Open Studios and L Magazine’s Northside Festival.

Registration is now open and we encourage artists working in all mediums to register online by May 15th. There is a Meet & Greet on April 26th 7:30pm at Brooklyn Brewery located at 79 North 11th Street and we will discuss registration, programming, and any questions you may have. It is very important that you join us in the meeting and get to know each other and learn about NOS over a complimentary free beer!

Please help us spread the word, our goal is to reach 300 participating artists who can take advantage of the 10,000 brochure copies that will be widely printed and distributed throghout brooklyn, not to mention a vast opportunity for viewership and attendance.

Follow us on twitter, like us on Facebook, and share the open call invite. Feel free to also post any announcements and listings on our page, whether it’s an upcoming show or an available studio down the hall

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