Crispy Potato Wrapped Flounder with Dill & Caper Sauce

It’s been quite some time since I’ve last posted about a homemade meal and I’m relieved to find inspiration once again to dedicate more time to blogging. The last three months have been filled to the brim with transitions; quitting my job, moving into Angel’s apt in the Lower East Side, planning the wedding, planning a gargantuan art festival, and living for two. I’ve cooked every once in a while since we’ve been living together but I felt little urgency to photograph and write about my kitchen adventures. Hopefully that’ll change as I get back on track and figure out what my next step is. One thing is for sure, my dream is to experience culture and share it with the world through writing and rely on the audience’s taking a liking to my voice, allowing me to grow readership and run a financially self-sustaining website/online mag. That’ll probably be a couple years in the making. Until then I’m trying to figure out how I’ll bring home da money and am having quite a difficult time swallowing the thought of working in an office again. I just can’t do it!!

I figure if I find a decent gig where I deepen my experience and skillset and spend the rest of the days exploring, photographing, and documenting through this blog. I don’t even know where to BEGIN looking for a job as my ambivalence prevails and switches my interests from wedding planning and event production to social media and marketing, freelance writing and publishing to yoga certification and teaching. Can’t decide!

Until I figure my shit out, let me share this dish I made last night. The inspiration and recipe comes from the ubiquitous Closet Cooking, replacing a bed of asparagus with sliced summer zucchini, my favorite vegetable. I wish to god I had a mandolin to get the potato slices cut perfectly thin but alas I labored through uneven thicknesses of potatoes. Wrapping flounder around them wasn’t as difficult as I would’ve imagined and where I was worried the flounder wouldn’t cook evenly throughout, the meat was super tender and juicy with the dill sauce drenching the fish to give it a tart, sour, and refreshing taste.

Recipe can be found here.


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