Reader: July 1, 2011

– Barbie Doll inspired by Vincent van Gogh

– Ceci Moss of Rhizome makes a studio visit with the circuit bending maestro Pete Edwards, aka Casperelectronics, as he prepares for his upcoming exhibition “Specter Flux” at Flux Factory. His performances are based around creative electronics and engage viewers with playful interactive sound and light sensitive orbs.

– After all the fuss and threat of closing The Rose Museum and selling its art collection, Brandeis University announces to keep the museum’s doors open, art in tact.

– An in-depth look into how to treat and care for Donald Judd’s artwork. Did you know there’s a guideline available for conservators to properly educate themselves in properly handling these almost flawless sheets of metal? Apparently, Judd was also quite the demanding and difficult customer for his fabricators.

Barbie dolls robed in the likes of Gustav Klimt’s Adele Bloch-Bauer or Van Gogh’s Starry Night is a great way to get kids and rich collectors excited about art.

– Much like New York’s Percent for Art Law where one percent of all building construction budgets are dedicated to public art, South Korea’s sixteen year old law requiring large builders to commission artwork has “created a monster that over the years generated too much art that many find objectionable”. When public art becomes an incomprehensible eye sore and folks try to hide Stella’s gnarly steel sculpture with trees, the public disapproves and architects scowl at “the burden forced upon them”.

– How to curate an exhibition a la John Waters: intervene to “keep the collection galleries lively” and title it “Absentee Landlord”, bring in your own work for some “comic relief”, ask visitors to not take it too seriously, make an audio tour in pig latin, and turn art into a “magic trick”.

– Artist Jennifer Dalton’s open call for contestants in The Biggest Ego, a reality series that takes the art out of last years drab Work of Art series. Brilliant.

– Robert Smith’s review of Ryan Trecartin’s exhibition at PS1: “His exhibition shreds the false dichotomies and mutually demonizing oppositions that have plagued the art world for decades” and is ” a rabbit hole full of rabbit holes”.

– Jacques Derrida on Photography, via i heart photograph.

– The most confusing artist website ever.

– Part One & Two of Hans Ulrich Obrist’s interview with Julian Assange where artists ask questions in form of videos and the two meet at a Georgian Mansion which Assange “used as his address for bail during his UK extradition hearings”. Here he discusses the beginnings of Wikileaks and “the experiences and philosophical background that informs such a monumentally polemical project”.

Hipster Runoff never gets old. Here he narrates a woman’s self-portrait with Obama. In other President news, Obama will answer all your twitter questions July 6th. Also, why I love and hate smart phones.

– Google wants a piece of the social networking pie and launches Google+ to give you yet another way to archive, document, and share your overshared life experiences.

– In other social media news, Facebook and Skype have officially tied the knot.

Rockaway Beach circa 1897. It was invaded by hipsters then too.


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