Dildos, Bullet Shooting Knees, Kung Fu Ninjas and Korean Heartthrob at NY Asian Film Festival

There’s about a week left Subway Cinema’s New York Asian Film Festival and there’s a few flicks that should go unmissed. I’ve got a stigma against Korean entertainment having grown up with terribly closet coordinated kpop boy bands, hypermelodramatic soap operas and meaningless tv celebrity competitions, and usually avoid it at all costs. Not to mention majority of asian flicks are either melodramatic, hyperviolent, useless gore, boring period films, or just plain tacky and tasteless. This festival MIGHT do some justice, although some titles may object (Horny House of Horror and B.T.S. Better Than Sex to name a few), and veer my prejudice towards the light. Some highlights I’m looking forward to providing insightful entertainment:

Battlefield Heroes hails from Korean director Lee Joon-Ik and is a comedic take on macho gladiator war movies. I’ve been meaning to do some research into Korean history and this might be one way to start.

I’m sorry the screening for Duel to the Death has already passed. It’s a classic Kung Fu ninja movie if I ever saw one.

Foxy Festival ain’t no prissy American Rom Com. It’s straight up kinky, pervy, spastic non-porn.

Man from Nowhere has already screened (boo) but it just might be one of those that make my heart flutter. Won Bin is a prettyboy actor that I once fell in love in high school for his handsome Jewish nose. How can I get my hands on this? Confession: I just spent an hour youtubing makeout scenes with him in it.

I like the description for Milocrorze: A Love Story: “MILOCRORZE is the romantic heart on LSD therapy: everything is epic, everything is mind-bending, everything is unbearable.”

I’m particularly looking forward to this screening of Mise En Scene Short Films as it’s ADD friendly and varietal.

So….this guy was bazookaed, then was frankensteined to become a weapon. He shoots bullets out of his knees and his arm turns into a crazy machine gun. Can it get any weirder?


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