Reader: July 15, 2011


– Amazon launches a pet store.

Seven Twitter marketing campaigns to learn from.

10 laws of productivity.

Mint limade is a perfect drink for the summer.

– Refinery 29’s 14 East Village Restaurants.

– You can buy this photo by Aaron Farley for $35 on the online art store Little Paper Planes.

– I’d like to go see Cut Copy perform this September.

Exceptional coworking space models. Coworking has been a growing buzz term the last few months and something I’ve been considering while trying to avoid a traditional 9-5. It’s now a matter of choosing a location in Brooklyn or Manhattan.

– Contemplating e-flux journal’s What is Contemporary Art?

Simple is marketable.

Mona Lisa gets a Jersey Shore makeover.

– Awesome faceless series by Mitsuko Nagone.

– Etsy hosts a conference on small business and sustainability.

– A color coded tumblr.

– Infographic: State of the internet today.

Eames kites.

– Learning about Klout and what my online influential score is. As if social media weren’t enough of a popularity contest. Sigh, the pressures…

– Signing up for Klout then allowed me to sign up for Spotify. Between this and recently signing up for Pinterest and Google+ I am experiencing some serious info overload.



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