Reader: July 29, 2011

Some stuff is old and outdated, but still interesting.

– Ok Go’s kaleidoscopic music video with dance troupe Pilobolus (whom I saw perform at Joyce Theater and they were AWESOME).

Rubber band to hold up your pants left unbuttoned due to preggy belly.

Long Shot creates a magazine in 48 hours. This is going to be exciting.

Time management in social media.

– Thoughts on genius artist William Powhida’s exhibition performance “Powhida” at posh Marlborough Gallery.

Back to the Future re-takes photos of folks from their past.

– How does Immaculate Infatuation find these celebrity big time bands to banally talk about where they like to eat in NY? It’s certainly impressive and enviable but mostly I find it to be exploitative and a gimmicky bore.

“Breakthroughs are part of a continuum of invention by many people”. Also, Part one, two, and three of a series of exploring appropriation in culture.

10 tips for better startup marketing. Also, social accountability tools like Rypple helps you like work more and gamification drives competition and is reinventing marketing altogether.

– Top 15 “photographers” on instagram. Also, with Keepsy you can make money from them nifty filtered photos.

– Need to try I8NY’s sammies.


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