Reader: August 3, 2011

– Celebrated LIC based diner M. Wells is due to close at the end of the month. I gotta make sure to check it out before then. And I do believe it’s some sort of pity-me publicity stunt they’re pullin’ here. I mean, how hard could it be to find a space in barren LIC and not make a big hoopla about it. Cry me a river.

– Sara launches a yoga program for her co-working space in Greenpoint. Awesome!

– Starbucks is covering up all their plugs. It was my (embarrassingly) my go-to office because of their fast wifi and plugging ability. Shame.

– Best in Brooklyn Food.

– Yucky food industries set their own deceiving guidelines. Also, productive, useful, accurate food labeling.

– One of my favorite galleries is opening a show on Friday and two of my favorite artists.

Kickstarter is so successful because they narrow down on which projects they suport.

– Considering product productivity types. I wonder which category I fall under.

WWW.WWW celebrates improvised conversation. Created by TED founder Ricky Wurman, this interview makes him sounds like a jibber jabberin’ hippie scatterbrain.

– Yesterday I stood outside the opening of BMWGuggenheim Lab and felt like shit for not being invited. I’ll forgive them and participate in their events anyway.

– Ra Ra Riot is playing a free show at Prospect Bark’s Celebrate Brooklyn this Friday.

– How Foodspotting became relevant and successful.

Feast Upon bundles up ingredients you need for particular recipes inspired by your favorite chefs.


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