Managing Community at Projective Space

After three months of living a newly married and unemployed life I found a job as THE Community Manager at Projective Space. It’s a co-working space in Soho and houses 30 tech start ups looking to be the next twitter, facebook, groupon, foursquare, what have you. My responsibilities grow by the day but I basically spend part of my day during the week on twitter and facebook, supporting and blogging every member of the PS community and making sure they get all the attention they deserve.

This marks a big shift for me as I enter the emerging tech community, a second wave of internet mania except this time instead of the web it’s crowdsourcing, social media, and gamification that turns people’s heads. I’m learning all about all the amazing websites and apps launching left and right followed by the incubator programs, the venture capitalist firms, the meetups and hackathons, the networking mixers and workshops and marathon tech fairs that all socially awkward geeks drool over. It’s an eye opening experience, one that I am learning much from as I shift my thoughts and entrepreneurial tendencies towards combining art with tech and social media.

I do intend for this to lead into launching my own startup, although everything I’ve launched the last few years were in and of themselves a “startup” minus the money. Is that a fail?


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