Veggies That Fit on the Palm of My Hand

I am guiltily prone to obsessive over irresistibly cute tiny objects. They can be anything: dolls, bells, plates, magnets, clothes, whatever. My eyes and collective urges feigns for them and the more there are of one thing, the happier my compulsions will be. It’s a repetition thing, it’s an OCD thing, it’s a compulsive compulsion thing. Fortunately there’s not enough room in our apartment to really indulge in this habit other than in my crazy head.

When we went to the farmer’s market this week I found the cutest, smallest, most miniscule vegetables to pinch and whisper sweet nothings to. Here’s a photo collection of what we found. I really I knew photoshop well enough to make my hand all the same shade of skin!!


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One response to “Veggies That Fit on the Palm of My Hand

  1. I love tiny vegetables like those.

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