Reader: Aug 10, 2011

– Why should you care about typography? I’ve been becoming more and more interested in typography, just thought you should know.

– 10 Tips for Community Managers: “Community managers must strike a balance: externally, community managers are the voices of their brands in social media, serving as social media strategists,customer service managers, content creators, product managers and evangelists. Internally, they are voice of their communities at their own companies. Community managers bring the conversations they have with community members to the forefront of marketing, customer service and product discussions, epitomizing the value and function of a social business.”

Kanye and Jay-Z. No comment.

– Arts advocacy groups are struggling more than the arts orgs they’re trying to advocate.

Flow theory.

Park & Bond is the new Gilt for men.

I love Lucy.

Rosie, the first judicially approved courtroom dog. Here’s to hoping for more cuteness in court.

Social media mobilizes riot cleanup. Also, catch a looter.

– The mobile workstyle is MY kinda workstyle.

– M. Well’s makes a big hoopla about closing down but opening somewhere else. Just get the deed done, then make a big press push.

– Love the colors and patterns in this home. I want a big home…

– Reliving Boca Raton Resort Pools of the 40’s via dumpster pools.

385 free online courses from top universities.

– A beautiful cookbook.

Gay spouse deported, marriage for green card does not apply.

– Don’t hug me I’m scared.

– Day to Day market watching is useless so let it go America.

– Jumper didn’t jump.

Ugly cigarette box design to help you quit.

Foodspotting reaches a million downloads.

– How to organize your life with online tools. I might taking a peek into the Evernote trunk.

– Korean shopowners shooting at looters in LA. That’s how you do it.

Miranda, Miranda, Miranda.

– Jennifer Egan’s to do list.

– Madewell’s fall lookbook ain’t too shabby. Wish I could afford it…

– My favorite vintage shop in LES Edith Machinist goes online.

– Illustrations from this book are quite beautiful.

– Trivialities & transcendence of Kickstarter.

– Can’t get enough of this profile of Danny Meyer.


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