Peeking into Artist Studios

I just discovered my new favorite website: Studio Sweet Studio.

Growing up I’ve always been a fanatic about having a teacher-perfect desk: fully stocked office supplies (I especially swooned over the pens and stationary dept) piled and organized in neat and orderly fashion, both a chalkboard AND a dry erase board filling up my walls to jot down to-do lists and map out schedules for the week (I kept myself very busy even as a 5th grader) and let’s not forget the stack of giant backpacks drowning in lanyard stitches and keychains, emptied out at night to only be packed again in the morning for school.

Being a stickler for organizing and playing within my “work” space has certainly influenced my nosy curiosity when interviewing artists and visiting them at their studios, hence organizing open studios the last three years. With that in mind Studio Sweet Studio will be my new daily fix with a first glance into studios of prolific artists in addition to profiling their process and sharing their how-tos with readers.

Some highlights I’ve found so far:

I’d die for a sun-drenched studio

Inspiration boards and desk lamps are key to any creative endeavor.

It also helps to have colorful comfy chairs.

Chalkboard shelves? Yes please.

A multi-functional table is muy importante when your work space is also your tiny home.


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