Diner en Blanc New York is a Shitshow

So I read this awesome article in New York Times about a picnic in Paris where 10k people come dressed in white and bring their own table and food. Recreating the same event in New York would be a bit more of an administrative traffic considering alcohol and street permits, the potential mob scene, lugging tables and chairs AND food on the subway, and the sheer logistics of bringing together 10k and encouraging to do as simple of a thing as: come dressed in white.

The registration on their website has been live and I’ve been waitlisted for next year which I don’t understand in the first place considering folks should not be paying $50 to organize their own meal and seating arrangement. For those who have successfully registered and paid their $50 on paypal last Friday afternoon have become victim to a fluke entrance.

Apparently a shitshow of a tirade has ensued over the weekend as some computer glitch apparently charged 4k people instead of 200, duping 3800 folks into thinking they gained entry to this dinner that really doesn’t need to be that exclusive. There’s something like 31,000 folks registered on the waiting list, all now straight up FUCKING UPSET making a big fuss on the Diner En Blan NY’s facebook page. The nasty comments and disapproving remarks are so quintessential New York, the rat race mob mentality is scary and a huge warning to ANY event producers: Prepare well in advance, try to include as much of the community as possible, especially if its a food related event sensically open to a vast majority of the public.

I pity the organizers of the NY event and surely there’s really nothing they could’ve done about a computer glitch but c’mon, there’s so much you could’ve done to make this a truly enjoyable participatory event: Get a parks permit for the entirety of Central Park, change the tacky images of good looking people on your website, don’t have reservation and ticketing systems, don’t CHARGE people (what are they getting for their money?), and just ready, set, EAT.

Is that so hard??


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