Reader: Aug 14, 2011

Book Swap at Manero’s calls for ‘sexy intellectuals’.

“Artists are prone to inconsistent, bizarre, and crazy behavior. Some are careerists, some flash in the pans, some good people who make good work, some assholes, some have good luck, some a mix of everything. This is why they deserve A.) 50% of the sales. B.) A whiskey. C.) To be met with a healthy dose of skepticism. (This rule is null and void if the artist in question is found to be in violation of rule #19)”

– This lemonade urn is cute but not worth $99.

– Why don’t other countries use ice cubes?

– A voyeuristic look into sketchbooks.

“In recent years, a wave of white-collar professionals has seized on a moribund job market, a swelling enthusiasm for all things artisanal and the growing sense that work should have meaning to cut ties with the corporate grind and chase second careers as chocolatiers, bed-and-breakfast proprietors and organic farmers”

– Nano Sankovitch mourns the death of a sister by reading a book a day for a year and blogging about it. She even published a book too. Talk about turning negative into positive, and productivity.

– A tumblr dedicated cassette tapes from the 80’s. via Heart as Arena

Hyperallergic launches a curated Kickstarter page highlighting all the greatest artist run crowd funding campaigns happening right now.


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