My Newest Obsession: Mobylette

Walking Mellow around LES the other day I passed by the most beautiful little yellow motorbike. I’m don’t know too much the difference between motorbike, moped, electric bike, and whatever middle term exists for these bicycle-cum-motorcycles but I was floored by the kickass beauty of this pedaled angel. I memorized its name, did a quick google search and wasn’t surprised of its vintage production being re-adopted by contemporary youthful low lifes rejecting society and consumerism and drowning in debaucherous adventures.

Nor am I surprised to find a geeky hipster moped “gang” based in Brooklyn called Mission 23. This subculture obsession is a silent community all its own and to my dismay I am yet to witness a “gang” of moped riders cruisin’ around the city. Of course there are the Puerto Rican boys ridin’ their ridiculously pimped out gold encrusted mini bikes but outside of that I am yet to see a resurgence of these ’70s vintage convenience vehicles.

It sounds as if much of the community fanned out over the last few years but there is still a live website called Moped Army that I’ll have to scope out some more. Until then, anyone know where I can purchase one of these babies?


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