A Drawing a Day Keeps Panic Away

Artist Andy J. Miller is drawing a weird creature a day, each NOD with a name and human fallacy of their own. He’s up to drawing #80 something and I look forward to each new quirky comical new character. Their simplicity makes me pseudo-determined to take out my notebook and copy his creations, I think they’d make good materials for practice (I WILL be an artist someday) and takes my mind off stupid things like panic attack inducing thunderstorms. They’d make great coloring books too.

A few I sympathize with:

Chibby is “A secretive one. Always keeping a watchful eye on his own back, Chibby is just a bit of a panic.”

Billow is ” is not much more than a cloud, blown in the wind of his own emotions. Billow’s redemption in Stage 1 is that he is on a journey to a better place. Take it easy on the little guy.”

“Ouch is a long-time dweller in the NOD universe. Not really pure evil – just a little mean-spirited, self-serving, and most certainly back-stabbing. Every once in awhile, Ouch may surprise you with a kind deed…or he may surprise you with something more terrible than you thought he was capable of.”

“Brooly is a tormented soul. Sometimes, Brooly is able to come out of this state, soaring to the highest of heights, emotionally. However, this is only to sink down deeper to the lowest of lows, when things don’t work out as Brooly had once hoped.”

“Angula is always in a whirlwind of panic and distress, consumed by her own preoccupations. She does have a good heart, but not many stick around long enough to truly see it.”


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