Reader: Aug 23, 2011

– Bravo is launching ANOTHER art world reality show? Really??

– OK Go does it again, now with the muppets.

– Holy fucking swoon Ryan Gosling stops a fight in the middle of Astor Place over a painting.

Tips from an entrepreneur who left a cushy job for the unknown realm of startups. Here’s another interview with an entrepreneur.

Cubicles and collaborative working.

Death note. Why not?

– Pictures of Libya’s revolt.

– The rules of quitting smoking.

– Whoever worries about not meeting their soulmate is a fool. Period.

– Did internet kill performance art? via Hyperallergic

– Vik Muniz takes a whole lotta cranes to make another crane. via Hyperallergic

– Jerry Saltz on de Kooning. “Well, after 1950 de Kooning wasn’t interested in making a good painting, as that is conventionally understood. He said as much. He was interested in exploring, in seeing how far he could go with the paint, in finding new resolutions. He could have taken a nap, rested on his talent, seduced the critics, but he chose instead to make confrontational paintings that are like nothing else.”

– So sad to have missed Annie’s rooftop farm benefit.

– IndieGoGo’s most successful crowdsourcing campaigns.


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