Reader: August 25th, 2011

Animal Farm.

– Steve Jobs in a commencement speech in 2005. Inspiring. Also, 10 unforgettable Steve Jobs video moments.

– Everything you need to know about culture in 10 books.

– 25 influential women tweeting about entrepreneurship.

– New Yorkers, pack your bags and get the fuck outta here cuz the hurricane’s a’comin straight to NYC. We’re taking an evacuation road trip to Pittsburgh.

– Physics of a crumpled ball.

– On the future of food & tech.

– Jaime Oliver in Greenpoint.

Booklamp is like Pandora, for books.

– O.M.G. Poor poodles

– Warhol haz hamburger.

– Joanne McNeil, editor of Rhizome, is interviewed by we are NY Tech.

– 5 awesome daily email newsletters.

Foooooooood Pooooooooooorrrn.

– Anxieteam is stuck inside a laptop.

– Steve Jobs says goodbye. End of an era.

– A photo series of makers in all shapes and sizes.

– Art, salon style.

– Pretty cigarette card backs.

– Meditate to be more rational.

– A farewell to M. Wells.

– Goddamit I wish I could afford a blogshop class.

– How to get a job via Hunter S. Thompson.

Studiomates space is enviously beautiful. And they’re looking for an apprentice.

The Color Project features one color a day for 365 days.

– I don’t know how I feel about established artists pushing the commercial stint like Marilyn Minter, Marina Abramovic, and Cindy Sherman. I’m especially disappointed in the latter.


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