Reader: November 3, 2011

Do I (can’t help but) have or want one basket or too many baskets? via Seth Godin.

– I WANT WANT WANT this cuff. This entire collection makes me want to be that crazy lady that ONLY wears animal themed accessories. Why not right?

– I also very much want this compass keychain.

– I didn’t know Apple had a new store in SoHo. What happened to the frosted glass staircases? Pictures look drab.

– Never thought I’d say this but: Chinese Food Crawl anyone?

– Glass Candy: Band of the day. Awesome song & video. Rethinking Neo 80’s as repulsive and embarrassing. O and speaking of the ’80s, Pizzza Time!!

Pet habits that will make you a better person.

– Artist Maira Kalman illustrates Michael Pollan’s Food Rules. Awesome.

10 new must reads for November. I always get Joan Didion mixed with Jennifer Egan… Also, Seth Godin’s list of books for the fall.

– Explaining complex philosophic theories through basic shapes.

New camera concept: Lytro: Shoot now, focus later. Weird design.

– On Art & Language.

– Setting the scene for a productive day.

– Productivity and self-control go hand in hand but to be uber successful you gotta work your ass off with some grit. True grit.

Terry Richardson is celebrating an exhibition of photographs about his parents and the launch of a monograph. I don’t know if I should take this seriously or not.

– The Brooklyn Love Exchange Project maps love stories throughout the borough and turns them into embroideries.

– Like this Uni Tunic outfit from Mary Meyer.

– Band One Ring Zero made an album about recipes from their favorite chefs. Cool.

– A whole lot of pictures of NYC from the ’40s.

– Herein which Joseph Gordon Levitt performs Thriller on Halloween.

A wristband tracks your wellness. Cool.



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