Reader: Dec 28, 2011

Old bookmarks saved in my folder since March, compulsively browsing through…

– Milton Glaser on the fear of failure.

Flea Market rampage in New York: “For most people who go on these ritualized scavenger hunts looking for something that they may not know exists, it is a kind of pilgrims’ process through the detritus of the past”.

– All about collaborative learning. It’s the year of collaboration.

– Awesome zip ties.

– I am obsessed with David Stark’s website.

– How to break up with a company you love. Thx Bri.

– The best biographies and memoirs of 2011

Harvard Business Review’s top posts of 2011.

Runcible Spoon is a beautiful collage based online food zine.

Weird NYC restaurants.

Business lessons from an avidly traveling entrepreneur.

– Stop boob sweat.

– What is digital strategy?

30 Minutes a Day. “When trying to develop a new skill, the important thing isn’t how much you do; it’s how often you do it.”

– The most exciting moments of 2011 from NYC startups.

12 reasons we love and hate Seth Godin.

Reeeeeal cheap eats found by food bloggers in NYC.

– Brain Pickings on Networked Knowledge and Combinatorial Creativity. She is so damn smart. I 100% agree with this: ” creativity is combinatorial, that nothing is entirely original, that everything builds on what came before, and that we create by taking existing pieces of inspiration, knowledge, skill and insight that we gather over the course of our lives and recombining them into incredible new creations…the idea that in order for us to truly create and contribute to the world, we have to be able to connect countless dots, to cross-pollinate ideas from a wealth of disciplines, to combine and recombine these pieces and build new castles. ”

– JoinBKLYN on curating blog content.

– Miranda July on ridding distractions by covering them with a bowl and standing a table on top of it which can’t be moved because there’s a precious white dress on top that will be damaged by a tray of cranberry juice precariously balancing on top of the dress.

Vintage camera nightlights!

MyBlockNYC lets you upload videos you create and map it to the location.

Malcolm Gladwell quotes.

Dump your images here.

– Someone who sympathizes with my gluttonous obsession with books.

– Traditional gallery model is in decline. It’s all about art fairs and online business. I’d love to get involved more in the latter two. Events + e-commerce = success. “It is more convenient and inspiring to work in a more unconventional format, having an office and platform, and doing temporary projects and pop-up shows,” said Berlin dealer Matthias Arndt, when he announced earlier this year that his gallery would now open only sporadically for shows.”

– 24 same sex couples wed in Central Park.

Awesome people hanging out together.

– Intricate drawings on bananas.

– On social media strategy. “The way for social media strategists of today to survive is to start thinking less about the toolset they have on their disposal, and more about the social dynamics they are trying to create or influence. My bet is that it will become easier for them to operate on the strategic level, to envision the path to brand and business objectives, and to advance their career path further.”

The Golden Age of Design in startups, or, Design is bullshit. Also an interactive infographic of successful startups with designer co-founders.

The daily practice.

Best 2011 books for entrepreneurs.

– Must read books on happiness.

– Pay what you wish, download all these beautiful fonts.

25 tips on being a better writer.

Powerful women in the art world.

– How to attract women to your coworking community.

– 20 food inspired websites.

Minimal workstations. My desk is a complete clusterfuck in comparison.

– Online fighting game for your handdrawn characters. Cool.

n+1’s personal classifiedsare catered towards the youthful and geeky. The best one: “WHITE EDITOR SEEKS BLACK RAPPER, OR SIMILAR :Funny, smart, cool, “quirky,” “feisty” (-Phil Connors, author of Fire Season), female mag editor in search of Kanye West, Lil Wayne, or similar. Drake need not apply.”

27 tech female founders to follow on twitter.

Quitting your job to start a tech company.



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