Reader: Dec 29th, 2011

Digging some more thru months of accumulated links. Determined to clear it out by the 1st. Resolution: Start fucking fresh, from my piles of mags to piles of links I want a clean slate in the new year!

– Top social media blogs of 2011.

– Kleenex takes FB status updates of sick people and mails them a care package. PR win.

– Top online marketing books of 2011.

Notable deaths in the world of art & architecture in 2011.

dabball (terrible name) is an interactive art app that lets you play games with art and buy them too.

– A photographic history of bromance. Cute!

– Make online flashcards for studying on the go.

– The story of coworking space General Assembly.

– The dictionary of obscure sorrows. ambedo: n. a kind of melacholic trance in which you become completely absorbed in vivid sensory details—raindrops skittering down a window, tall trees leaning in the wind, clouds of cream swirling in your coffee—which leads to a dawning awareness of the haunting fragility of life, a mood whose only known cure is the vuvuzela.

– Humorous take on death of the artist. I saw a series of these videos displayed on multiple screens during the art fair frenzy in March and it was surprisingly disturbing and resonated over works I consumed with my eyes. It fools you as frivolous, cute, and tangential.

10 things that happen in a lesbian relationship.

– Kerouac reading On The Road.

10 online tools for better focus and attention.

– Showering daily is bad for you.

– I can I be a self-publishing phenomenon?

Last tweets of those who died this year. Liz Taylor was excited about Kardashians.

– How to lead a creative life.

Sad story of warehouses in BK hosting all types of underground cultural events being shutdown by the po pos.

– Want: biz card stamp.

– Donate change on your metrocard to charity. Awesome project.

How FAB did it. Fascinating.

– Why writers can’t edit their work. This includes blogposts!

An app that generates infinite bedtime stories. I’ll need a baby first.

– Treating art exhibitions like a pop up shop food truck.

– How to eliminate poop splash with toilet paper. I HATE poop splash.

– Fighting decision fatigue.

Things that look like other things.

Housebites redefines takeout. This is giving me a really good idea…

– The story behind recognizable brands and how they got their name.

– For those (like me) wondering where to move your domains from GoDaddy, a list of other registrars.

– Fashionable and multi-talented baker ladies. Envy.

– An infographic defines the role of a social strategist.

Video on how to measure ROI (return on investment).

Trippy helps you plan your trip with friend recommendations.

Webinar for SVA’s MFA in Design for Social Innovation.

– I just subscribed to Behance Network’s Scott Belsky on Quarterly. Looking forward to receiving all sorts of organizational tools.

– Book review of Why Trilling Matters. I bought it after reading this and it’s still sitting on my shelf untouched.

– Telling women not to do startups? YIKES.

– Beautiful beautiful pictures of homes by Michael Graydon. I want to photograph like him. Where’s my camera?!

Designers as drivers of entrepreneurialism. Oh wouldn’t I love to be a designer.

– Your creative brain can’t function without physical exercise. “For artists, entrepreneurs, and any other driven creators, exercise is a powerful tool in the quest to help transform the persistent uncertainty, fear, and anxiety that accompanies the quest to create from a source of suffering into something less toxic, then potentially even into fuel.”

– Calvin Tomkins, the artist portraitist. I’ve always wondered why he never writes about women artist and decided to write a women’s version of The Bride & The Bachelors.

Uncertainty, Innovation and the Alchemy of FEAR. “People who tolerate ambiguity may be able to work effectively on a larger set of stimuli or situations, including ambiguous ones, whereas intolerant individuals will avoid or quickly stop treating such information.”

– Love love love these hand painted fruity bike bells.

Men Ups!

– Love Kelli Anderson’s home.

Hot chicks of Occupy Wall Street.

– Perfect time to invest in some tights.

– Video paintings by Jason Varone.

Social networking among young art professionals. Where am I in this article?

The Art of Manliness.

Victory kisses.

– A very stylish 5 year old.

– Hire a Lady Gaga impersonator. Satisfaction guaranteed. She must make some serious dough from this.

– On making something everyday for 5 freakin’ years. “I’ve really gotten a lot of lessons out of these besides the obvious benefit of just getting a bit better technique-wise everyday. I think doing something start to finish each day not only helps you get over the fear of starting a project, but also the fear of finishing one. I know it can be hard to let stuff go when you know you could make it better, but at some point in every project, at some level you need to be like, “fine, good enough.” That’s really hard for some people, but this can definitely help.”

– Super entertaining, inspiring, and education keynote speech by Thank You Economy’s Gary Vaynerchuk.

– Every episode of Full House reviewed in chronological order.

– Meditate and you’ll write better. I promise.

Disrupting the retail experience. “To truly design a great experience that’s right for your company, we need to look beyond the field of design to sociology, economics, organizational behavior, and even theater.”



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