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Reader: Jan 30, 2012

– Joe is scoring so much cool points. C’mon Ryan, you’ve got some catchin’ up to do.

– WANT: Sonos, the wireless and streaming speaker system.

– Shit Liz Lemon Says.

Community Managers SHOULD be making an average of $50k a year.

Bushwick or Baghdad?

Smoking kids.

Snoring Dormouse. So cute.

David Stark is one of the most creative and innovative designers I know (know as in, admire) and I’m super stoked to hear he’ll be having a pop up wood shop for month of February at Haus Interior.

– Explore all the galleries poppin’ up in LES in this tour hosted by Artlog.

– I want this tetris inspired shelf.

– Brokelyn put out this awesome video following the footsteps of Portlandia. Did you eat it?

Beard care.

– Mothers and their daughters.

– Frieze Art Fair is coming to Randall’s Island in May.

– Awesome artist editioned rugs by the lovely ladies at Domestic Construction.

– Joy Garnett of Newsgrist is moderating an all start panel, including Robert Storr.

– An oversimplified new to-do app.

– 25 Valentines day movies for 25 relationship stages.

– I’ll be focusing on rooting for the Giants on Sunday but for those who don’t care, here is Puppy Bowl.


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Work It Brooklyn @ 3rd Ward // February 8th

AAAAaaaand we’re BACK!

Briana, Aja, and yours truly are excited to bring you another edition of our infamous speed-networking event for creative professionals, Work it Brooklyn. We’re partnering up with 3rd Ward as they graciously host us on February 8th. Full details below, make sure to RSVP now as tickets are FLYING off the wall.

Ah. That moment, when you first see them across a crowded room. Your eyes lock. You approach with confidence. The moment is finally here. You’ve met the person you’ve been looking for all night – the WordPress developer who can finally get your website just right.

It’s true, Brooklynites, love is in the air and we at Work It Brooklyn are here to help you find a place in your heart … for networking, that is.

Join us at 3rd Ward on February 8th for one of our signature events, the first of 2012, designed to connect creatives of all stripes – graphic designers, dancers, musicians, tech gurus, painters, writers, etc… – in a fun collaborative and productive environment. Arrive by 7 to ensure your spot in our revolutionary, and much-loved, speed-networking and stick around to mingle until 10PM. We’ll have PBR and wine on hand, free, to help ease those networking nerves.

During the event, you’ll have a chance to check out 3rd Ward’s new retail shop, fully stocked with books, tools and designy goodness for every creative taste and aesthetic. In addition, the fine folks at 3rd Ward will be offering hands-on demos all evening – maybe you’ll get lucky … and have a chance to get your screenprint on. If you’re not familiar with 3rd Ward, and the amazing programming they offer for creatives of every part of the spectrum, our event will be a great way to learn more about their services.

Register today for this free networking mixer. You never know, you might just meet your next collaborator, business partner or employee.

Work It Brooklyn at 3rd Ward
February 8th, 2012
7 to 10PM

Click here to register.

3rd Ward
195 Morgan Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11237
(718) 715-4961

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Studio Tour with Causey Contemporary // March 10 – 11

I’ve always admired Causey Contemporary and it’s founder Tracy Causey-Jeffrey for being literally one of the very very few galleries that support the art community on a deep and caring level. Tracy has always listened with receptive and open ears and have been involved with hosting a panel to discuss how local government is supporting the local artists and sponsoring art events I’ve produced in the past. She represents a stellar list of contemporary artists and is a staple in the North Brooklyn art community.

She is hosting an artist studio tour in March, either March 10th or 11th depending on what reservation numbers tell. The artists you’d get to meet and the works you’d be gawking at are an impressive bunch. Christopher Saunders, pictured above, is one of my favorite artists working out of the pencil factory in Greenpoint. He currently has an exhibition at Allegra LaViola Gallery and its a show you won’t want to miss.  You may or may not remember Judith Braun from the first season of that semi-heinous show Work of Art. I see her often on Bowery and assume she lives and works nearby. Either way I’m excited to meet a celebrity artist for whatever that’s worth!

I just heard about Norman Mooney yesterday from a friend who lives on the same block as his studio. His Wallflower series are sculptures made with cast aluminum and seem to cover all dichotomies between airy fragility and violent intensity. His studio functions doubly as an interior design metalwork shop and can fabricate some sweet dividers for your reception lobby.

Other artists in the the round include: Alexis Portilla, John Clement, Melissa Murray, Carri Skoczek, and Zane York. The tour finally ends at the gallery, showing works by Kathy Goodell.

You know what the best part about this tour is? It’s FREE and you get to be driven around on a private bus!! All I need is a glass of champagne and some chartcuterie and I’m solid.

Seating is limited to 20 so RSVP to by February 10th.

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Reader: Jan 25, 2012

– That I am yet to have dined at Torrisi or Parm is a crime. This review of 5 dishes at Parm is punishment for my not having supporting the restaurant with my mouth sooner.

– Make an infographic of your weekly spending.

– Favorite quote from Obama’s State of the Union Speech last night: “No bailouts, no handouts, no cop-outs”

– Two churches across the street from each other debate on dogs going to heaven.

– Lincoln Art Exchange gives uninsured artists opportunity to barter talent for health care.

Gay soldiers booed, republicans don’t comment, Obama criticizes.

The Oscar nominations. Where the hell is Ryan Gosling on this list??!!

– Thank you Mr. Levitt for this.

– Send in nude pictures, raise funds.

– Celebrating Lunar New Year around the world. Look at all those firecrackers!!

Ugly Renaissance babies.

– A closer look at Ai Wei Wei. “The artist had become the message and the medium”.

– Awesome writing desks. Too bad I don’t have a place to put them.

– Etsy launches a new monthly event in Brooklyn called Hands-On Etsy.

– Jeffrey Tastes gives a tour of some international dishes in Jackson Heights.

– Yes, we’re living in the Age of Anxiety.

– I need to talk to this Dustin Yellin kid. He bought a giant warehouse in Red Hook and is turning it into a art center.

Photographs of photographers.

– Great photo series of Ikea objects displayed into colorful and organized works of art.

– Check out works by one of my favorite artists DongWook Lee at Doosan Gallery.

– I have never been schooled in the art of debate, I have always praised my superb multi-tasking skills, but I am beginning to question my need to slow down in the latter and pick up on productive confrontational skills. “I need time to process things. Sometimes a lot of time. And I need to ask for that time or take it for myself.

– The science of willpower.

– 5 myths about being a home-based business.

12 career resolutions for you to consider.

– Pretty glasses case!

– Sheena Iyengar’s TED talk on how to make choosing easier. Choice overload reduces: engagement, decision quality, satisfaction.


– Twitter campaign gone wrong.

– I want to take this collage class at MoMA!

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Reader: January 23, 2012

– Shit Korean Girls Say. This is why Sam and I must create a video series on the tumultuously humorous life of Korean-Americans, the food we eat, the stereotypes we embrace and reject, and making fun of dumb people who think they know a thing or two about us and our food.

– Fuck Chinese new year. Happy LUNAR New Year. Let’s not forget it’s not just the China folk who celebrate this mystical alternative to the western sun-based calendar. Still, here are some awesome Chinese recipes to celebrate. I’m searching for some Korean recipes as well. 😛

– Marcus Samuelsson on a food truck tour.

– Awesome video on 3D printing.

– Design bloggers recapping alt summit everywhere. Here’s Design*Sponge’s recap on going from blogger to author and a little more about what alt summit.

60 apps are added to Facebook timeline.

– Why it’s impossible for Apple to manufacture their iphones in the US. I don’t blame them.

– The cassette project on Kickstarter denies and undeniably ultimate KO.

– 16 cool coworking spaces around the country.

Free lectures by Foucault on truth, discourse, and the self.

– John Yau’s about Hedda Hopper on Damien Hirst. Yawn.

– Think of your Kickstarter funders as patrons, not cash cows and other tips on crowdfunding.

– Watch the entire crowdsourced Start Wars movie. Amazing.

– 6 community managers to appreciate.

– Photos from Tacita Dean’s trip to Prague.

Skateboard with Jesus.

– A conversation with Annie Leibovitz.

– LA is moving up the art world social ladder.

– Damien Hirst spot challenge accomplished. Oof.

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Reader: Jan 19, 2011

– Who’s your favorite?

– Looking forward to visiting Philly and seeing the Zoe Strauss show.

Mailing out disposable cameras for folks around the world to take pictures and mail them back. Dreamy and happy.

– Visible 2011 is an art prize granting 25k Euros to artists/collectives that don’t make art for art’s sake. Rather the prize supports those who create work that emphasize social change and is not self-referential. Love this.

– Inside a Williamsburg warehouse in 1991. Plus more awesome photos of NYC in the 80’s and 90’s.

– Catching an ear infection from Holler’s show at New Museum. GROSS!

– Awesome ad campaign to get students and parents to consider BFA / MFA programs.

– Tents, sleeping bags, and Occupying artists.

– Recipe for Halal cart style chicken and rice.

– How Supreme became a global cult.

– The lack of touch in marriages.

– I’d be happy to live in an obliterated room courtesy Yayoi Kusama.

– There’s nothing quite like a real book.

– Basic mandarin for foodies.

Painting without paint, an essay on the exhibition Textility.

– The cultural revolution cookbook.

– Miss Lily’s opens up a juice shop.

– Gross and amusing: travel around the world to spot all Hirst’s spots and win a signed print by said Hirst.

– The top 10 bloggers under 18. Aaaaand, puberty.

– North Korean newspaper, translated.

– The beauty of pollination.

– Typography + architecture = this.

– The state of immigration in US.

– Still reading through 100 most powerless New Yorkers.

– At home with Ai Wei Wei and living in a state of pre-tech stone age. Also, this: “I’d rather say that Andy Warhol is the American Ai Weiwei”.

– I MUST watch Wes Anderson’s new film Moonrise Kingdom.

– Slideshow of a preggy Beyonce.

– Translating Murakami and why not to read anything in translation.

– Sorry to do this to you but….Shit Nobody Says.

– Gingrich is such a pig!

– Cape Town hipsters sweat ironically in post-cool heat wave: ““We’re just not sure whether to embrace sweat as a creative expression of ‘post-cool’, or to shun it as too mainstream” he added. “I mean, we were sweating long before it was popular.”

– A look into the house of Hold Steady’s bandleader Craig Finn.

– iBooks Author lets you write your own book.

– Kickstarter raises 100mil worth for all their projects.

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Building a Creative Arts Program with Skillshare

Big news: I’m partnering with Skillshare, the online marketplace for offline classes, to build a rigorous Creative Arts program. Currently Skillshare offers plenty classes geared towards the tech savvy, entrepreneurial, startup community that is thriving and growing in the city. I’m helping them expand that field by reaching out to all my wonderful art contacts and encouraging them to host, whether in the form of a class or workshop, panel or event. 2012 is the year I diligently strive to provide a platform that allows underfunded and poorly represented creative professionals (this includes the antisocial artist recluse locked up in his/her studio all day and night) to share and SELL their work and service. I want to find ways to successfully disrupt the oft times inaccessible and distasteful art world system by providing not a reactionary alternative but a productive means for creative professionals to create and maintain an efficient and sustainable economy. Of course there are plenty of outlets for this, I’m just putting my two cents in.

THIS FRIDAY: The Creative Arts program kickoff starts with a screening and panel of the feature length music video Girl Walk / All Day. The husband and wife team Youngna & Jacob have created a flawless model in producing, marketing, and distributing their film that is very much outside of the traditional film route. Put on your dancing shoes and come out this Friday to Grind, a very pretty coworking space in the city, and learn how they’ve managed to partner up with an amazing crew of companies, successfully raised funds, and marketed to appeal to the public with a feel-good and undeniably contagious energy.

Some other great classes coming up includes:

Writing and Communicating About Art Online Hrag is one of the most approachable folks you’ll find in the art world, a true supporter and lover of the arts, and here he shares his experience as an art critic and founder of the online art blogazine Hyperallergic. Learn about the wonderful world of the web and how to take advantage of it.

Selling Out: Marketing for the Creative Industries In this class you’ll learn what you’ve been avoiding your whole non-career: self-promotion. Debra is the founder of Culture Shock and provides consulting specifically for artists and galleries. Sell out, or sellout.

Art Collecting 101 Learn all about navigating the art world, discovering your “taste” and finding tools to safely collect art. Alexis is the founder of Artsicle and knows a thing about collecting and borrowing original artwork.

Spot Painting Workshop Make your own billion dollar painting at Gagosian! Painter & blogger Sharon teaches you how to make your own Damien Hirst spot painting. Make it, love it, then hate it!

Let’s Make Sh*t Happen: Achieving Wild Dreams I’ve always admired Chloe, artist and creator of Arts in Bushwick (Bushwick Open Studios, SiteFest, etc), and I love her even more now for creating this 5 session workshop on making your ideas come ALIVE.

Practical Photoshop for Artists Micah is a very tall and very funny guy from Hawaii, an amazing artist who showed with Deitch before it closed. Here he shares fundamental skills for artists looking to toy around with digital media and beyond.

Networking in the Art World: Making Effective Connections Colette is a beautiful and lovely lady, an artist who has mastered the skills of hospitality while creating paintings and drawings that are intricate and mystical. She will teach you to do what you hate: approach people. Doing this in the art world is especially heinous but she’ll teach you how to cope with snots and maintain healthy and fruitful relationships.

Back to School! Getting Your MA/S While Working Full Time I’ve always wondered how Margaret, former director of MoMa’s Pop Rally, managed to work her ass off full time AND getting her masters in art history. Here she’ll teach you how you can do it too.

How to Write About Art, Your Own or Someone Else’s A class demystifying the world of art writing as taught by Kyle, editor at Artinfo. I’ve always felt my writing failed compared to his so if you’re an insecure art blogger like I am or you’re an artist who hates creating artist statements, this is for you.

Take advantage of all these amazing classes, sign up for Skillshare, and get learning!!


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