Preparing for the New Year

I’m four days late into starting fresh in the New Year but I finally did it. With the help of huzbo Angel we stuffed a bunch of shit into storage, majority of them piles of books I haven’t touched in years, and repainted our walls to a neutral shade so it doesn’t feel like we’re trapped inside a 400sq ft circus. With the disposal of chunky furniture like a desk made out of two file cabinets and a door we chose to go AZN style and sprawl out on the floor for whatever activity we engage in, from eating and studying to watching and cooking. Our apartment is now as hyper-minimal, peaceful, and spacious as a tiny studio apartment is going to get, with a multi-purpose line of shelves along one wall to house our clothes and cooking supplies with even a little nook for office space.

All this and trashing eight months worth of magazines, sifting through a pile of bills and papers, digitally archiving whatever important notes I’ve jotted in a series of journals from the last year, and browsing through hundreds of links in my bookmarks folder to discover interesting products, people, and projects.

It’s done. I’ve created a series of google docs that will forever stay open, one for each new project I’ll be pursuing in the new year. I am now finally ready to engage, act, execute, brainstorm, ideate, and create a series of events I’ll be producing in 2012. It was a long way coming as 2011 was a tough year to say the least. I’m not a very optimistic soul but I’m pretty hopeful that 2012 is the year my state of self-realization reaches its peak. No doubt there’ll be pitfalls and challenges but I now have a foundation at home full of love and support and a prospective line of projects waiting for committed hard work.

I’ll be sharing all these experiences here and you’ll be happy to know UDA will be experiencing a serious makeover in the next coming months too.

As for resolutions I’m determined to fight for the usual: eat healthier, exercise more, spend less, don’t hoard, blog everyday, brush and floss at night, cook more, and promote rational thinking over obsessive panic inducing crazy thoughts.

Happy New Year!


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