Reader: Jan 5, 2012

– Some killer artists featured in the upcoming season 6 of Art 21’s “Art of the 21st Century”

– I just bought these awesome geocolorcentric magnets from FAB.

– The inevitable rise of coworking especially since the advent of women and freelancers increasing by the hoards in the workforce.

– Indepth guide to buying a camera.

Top 10 food stories of 2011 in LA Times.

– GOOD’s 30 day challenge to be financially healthy.

– How mundane routines produce creative magic. Also, daily routines of writers, artists, and other interesting people organizing their days.

Words of wisdom by way of posters by designers.

Noam Chomsky & Michel Foucault debating human nature and power.

– I’m actually going to learn to code this year.

– 34 Art Fag City friends site their fave links of 2011 including how to sell animated gifs,

10 resolute ideas to start your new year.

Yahoo is 69ing Delicious. Find your replacement bookmark tool NOW.

– Decoding the Iowa Caucus coverage.

– Beautiful hand carved wooden bowls by father and daughter team Herriot Grace.

Photos of Rooftop Farms and Ms. Annie Novak on Edible Selby are beautiful.

– In 2012, I’m subscribing to magazines online, including the art and visual culture mag Elephant.

– This is dangerous. Daytum helps you collect your everyday data. Again, this is dangerous.

Tavi’s teenage fashion mag Rookie has a set schedule of posts, 3 times a day 5 days a week. I love the structure, not to mention all their contributors are in high school.

– Looking forward to the Weegee exhibition at ICP later this month.

– Where the one percent eats. Not what you would assume.

– King George VI’s real stammer.

– O.M.G. Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel are getting married.

– How well did you manage your email inbox in 2011?

– Shit white girls say to black girls. Let the endless memes begin. I think the asian girls is the best.

IFTTT (If This, Then That) is the “connective tissue” between various social online services. FUN.

– Interview with founder of Brooklyn Brewery.

– An in-depth look into works of artist Anri Sala.

Ready for Zero is a super useful tool to help you pay off debt.

– Beautiful photos from a Brooklyn wedding.

– Citibank lets you share your thank you points on facebook to pool with your friends.

– Cookbook for married couples.

– Newspapers and their paywall subscription system. Thoughtful read.

Four lessons from Dieter Rams.

An art exhibition culminated from 100 tweets on hand typeset letterpress.

Way to go Pantone for choosing Tangerine Tango as 2012’s color of the year.

– Photojojo launches Phoneography with tips on taking awesome phoneos.

5 LinkedIn apps for power networking.

Brooklyn Sewn, a 3rd Ward for Fashion.

– You know you made it when you’re on a blackberry commercial for being a DJ.

– Simon Doonan on eating like a gay man. Funny read.

– I’d like more yellow in my wardrobe. Or maybe tangerine tango!

– Lovely, fresh, cleanly designed furniture by Caroline Gomez.

– Dave Eggers monologue as a shower curtain. WANT.

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