Girl Walk // All Day Screening and Talk this Friday

Surely you’ve heard of Girl Walk // All Day by now?

It’s a contagiously happy and loving, glorified feature length music video about a girl who pursues her dream of moving to NYC and dances her way around inspiring the city to dance with her. It’s all set to the music of DJ music collager Girl Talk and just as much as I love the film I equally love the production and design of the film and website. They’ve created an interactive website and have fully engaged with the social online community by collaborating with folks like Kickstarter and Gothamist. They’re unusual approach in screening a film was welcomed with open hands as dance parties ensued in various locations since its launch late year. They offered enticing tidbits, divvying up the film into episodes and featuring one a week on gothamist. They’ve successfully funded their crowdsourced campaign and they’ve updated their blog and twitter feed with all the homey relevant information you’d need from a glorified music video.

It’s a feel-good film and I admire all the folks behind the production team and certainly won’t be missing this opportunity to see them talk and screen the film at Galapagos this Friday. You can rsvp on eventbrite but do it soon, as of this morning there’s only a couple dozen seats left!


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