Reader: Jan 7, 2012

– Does video and online marketing make fashion (and alternatively, art) more accessible? I think this is a false question. Just because I can see an ad of Armani on YouTube it doesn’t make it any more financially accessible for someone as poor as me.

– How to write Thank You notes. I’m so terrible at writing any sort of greeting card, this helps tremendously.

– 17 countries, 343 days, and 6237 photos in 5 minutes.

– LED equipped dandelion seeds. Cool.

– I wish I could visit LA to catch the Performance and Public Art Festival this month.

– Top 10 buzzed about people in NYC nightlife. Wonder if I’d ever make this list someday.

– Inside Trump’s gilded penthouse.

– Book of breasts. In 3D.

Productivity tips for 2012: “Don’t mistake busyness for effectiveness…jump in on video content…take breaks every 90 minutes…stay focused and be consistent…start making small decisions…you can’t be EVERYWHERE…have an opinion…take tiny actions on a daily basis…create an editorial calendar…”

– A cord inside your iphone case so you’ll never lose it again.

– I want this set of colorful masking tape.

10 workouts for people who hate working out.

– Design Sponge is opening an office inside Greenpoint’s own Pencil Factory!

– Casey Anthony’s public statement fully quipped with blond hair and a new pair of glasses.


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