Reader: January 10, 2011

– I’ve still got Santa Baby stuck in my head.

– “How Yoga can wreck your body.” = EGO & WESTERNIZED TREND.

– Kind of regret not buying this awesome octopus print duvet cover on FAB last week.

– It’s high time I invested in touchscreen gloves.

– A day with Stephen Colbert: Slideshow.

5 guides to branding your startup.

Golden age of Indian Cinema at MoMa. Exciting stuff.

– I’m developing a crush for Kiko Mizuhara already. Oh Boy.

– Scatter your timeline banner photo.

– Support musicians. Buy their t-shirts thru shirtify.

12 bands to be excited about this year.

– 12 awesome women in tech.

– A book about why artists are poor and why art is expected to be free.

– Liza enters the workspace of Jo Snow Syrups, a major want for the summer.

Amanda Hesser  and Food 52 on secrets of successful startups.

– Want these tetris sticky notes!

– Narrowing down 1000 TED talks into 6 words.

– Trying to replace my red bull kick with superfoods.

– Cultivating a habit to write everyday is hard. This might help.

– NYC neon signs.

– David Lynch remixes Zola Jesus. Whaaaaaaa

– 2012 as the year of the art – entrepreneur. Articles like this get me VERY VERY excited.

– I want an ipad2 just to play with Mixel.

– How to be a Tiguere.

– Pictures of David Bowie being normal.

5 Pointz founder discusses changing demographics, gentrification, and 5 Pointz’s transformation into a condo.

– Hazards of texting while walking. Funny video.

– Iconoic logos in Comic Sans.


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