Reader: Jan 19, 2011

– Who’s your favorite?

– Looking forward to visiting Philly and seeing the Zoe Strauss show.

Mailing out disposable cameras for folks around the world to take pictures and mail them back. Dreamy and happy.

– Visible 2011 is an art prize granting 25k Euros to artists/collectives that don’t make art for art’s sake. Rather the prize supports those who create work that emphasize social change and is not self-referential. Love this.

– Inside a Williamsburg warehouse in 1991. Plus more awesome photos of NYC in the 80’s and 90’s.

– Catching an ear infection from Holler’s show at New Museum. GROSS!

– Awesome ad campaign to get students and parents to consider BFA / MFA programs.

– Tents, sleeping bags, and Occupying artists.

– Recipe for Halal cart style chicken and rice.

– How Supreme became a global cult.

– The lack of touch in marriages.

– I’d be happy to live in an obliterated room courtesy Yayoi Kusama.

– There’s nothing quite like a real book.

– Basic mandarin for foodies.

Painting without paint, an essay on the exhibition Textility.

– The cultural revolution cookbook.

– Miss Lily’s opens up a juice shop.

– Gross and amusing: travel around the world to spot all Hirst’s spots and win a signed print by said Hirst.

– The top 10 bloggers under 18. Aaaaand, puberty.

– North Korean newspaper, translated.

– The beauty of pollination.

– Typography + architecture = this.

– The state of immigration in US.

– Still reading through 100 most powerless New Yorkers.

– At home with Ai Wei Wei and living in a state of pre-tech stone age. Also, this: “I’d rather say that Andy Warhol is the American Ai Weiwei”.

– I MUST watch Wes Anderson’s new film Moonrise Kingdom.

– Slideshow of a preggy Beyonce.

– Translating Murakami and why not to read anything in translation.

– Sorry to do this to you but….Shit Nobody Says.

– Gingrich is such a pig!

– Cape Town hipsters sweat ironically in post-cool heat wave: ““We’re just not sure whether to embrace sweat as a creative expression of ‘post-cool’, or to shun it as too mainstream” he added. “I mean, we were sweating long before it was popular.”

– A look into the house of Hold Steady’s bandleader Craig Finn.

– iBooks Author lets you write your own book.

– Kickstarter raises 100mil worth for all their projects.

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