Reader: January 23, 2012

– Shit Korean Girls Say. This is why Sam and I must create a video series on the tumultuously humorous life of Korean-Americans, the food we eat, the stereotypes we embrace and reject, and making fun of dumb people who think they know a thing or two about us and our food.

– Fuck Chinese new year. Happy LUNAR New Year. Let’s not forget it’s not just the China folk who celebrate this mystical alternative to the western sun-based calendar. Still, here are some awesome Chinese recipes to celebrate. I’m searching for some Korean recipes as well. 😛

– Marcus Samuelsson on a food truck tour.

– Awesome video on 3D printing.

– Design bloggers recapping alt summit everywhere. Here’s Design*Sponge’s recap on going from blogger to author and a little more about what alt summit.

60 apps are added to Facebook timeline.

– Why it’s impossible for Apple to manufacture their iphones in the US. I don’t blame them.

– The cassette project on Kickstarter denies and undeniably ultimate KO.

– 16 cool coworking spaces around the country.

Free lectures by Foucault on truth, discourse, and the self.

– John Yau’s about Hedda Hopper on Damien Hirst. Yawn.

– Think of your Kickstarter funders as patrons, not cash cows and other tips on crowdfunding.

– Watch the entire crowdsourced Start Wars movie. Amazing.

– 6 community managers to appreciate.

– Photos from Tacita Dean’s trip to Prague.

Skateboard with Jesus.

– A conversation with Annie Leibovitz.

– LA is moving up the art world social ladder.

– Damien Hirst spot challenge accomplished. Oof.


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