Reader: Jan 25, 2012

– That I am yet to have dined at Torrisi or Parm is a crime. This review of 5 dishes at Parm is punishment for my not having supporting the restaurant with my mouth sooner.

– Make an infographic of your weekly spending.

– Favorite quote from Obama’s State of the Union Speech last night: “No bailouts, no handouts, no cop-outs”

– Two churches across the street from each other debate on dogs going to heaven.

– Lincoln Art Exchange gives uninsured artists opportunity to barter talent for health care.

Gay soldiers booed, republicans don’t comment, Obama criticizes.

The Oscar nominations. Where the hell is Ryan Gosling on this list??!!

– Thank you Mr. Levitt for this.

– Send in nude pictures, raise funds.

– Celebrating Lunar New Year around the world. Look at all those firecrackers!!

Ugly Renaissance babies.

– A closer look at Ai Wei Wei. “The artist had become the message and the medium”.

– Awesome writing desks. Too bad I don’t have a place to put them.

– Etsy launches a new monthly event in Brooklyn called Hands-On Etsy.

– Jeffrey Tastes gives a tour of some international dishes in Jackson Heights.

– Yes, we’re living in the Age of Anxiety.

– I need to talk to this Dustin Yellin kid. He bought a giant warehouse in Red Hook and is turning it into a art center.

Photographs of photographers.

– Great photo series of Ikea objects displayed into colorful and organized works of art.

– Check out works by one of my favorite artists DongWook Lee at Doosan Gallery.

– I have never been schooled in the art of debate, I have always praised my superb multi-tasking skills, but I am beginning to question my need to slow down in the latter and pick up on productive confrontational skills. “I need time to process things. Sometimes a lot of time. And I need to ask for that time or take it for myself.

– The science of willpower.

– 5 myths about being a home-based business.

12 career resolutions for you to consider.

– Pretty glasses case!

– Sheena Iyengar’s TED talk on how to make choosing easier. Choice overload reduces: engagement, decision quality, satisfaction.


– Twitter campaign gone wrong.

– I want to take this collage class at MoMA!

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