Studio Tour with Causey Contemporary // March 10 – 11

I’ve always admired Causey Contemporary and it’s founder Tracy Causey-Jeffrey for being literally one of the very very few galleries that support the art community on a deep and caring level. Tracy has always listened with receptive and open ears and have been involved with hosting a panel to discuss how local government is supporting the local artists and sponsoring art events I’ve produced in the past. She represents a stellar list of contemporary artists and is a staple in the North Brooklyn art community.

She is hosting an artist studio tour in March, either March 10th or 11th depending on what reservation numbers tell. The artists you’d get to meet and the works you’d be gawking at are an impressive bunch. Christopher Saunders, pictured above, is one of my favorite artists working out of the pencil factory in Greenpoint. He currently has an exhibition at Allegra LaViola Gallery and its a show you won’t want to miss.  You may or may not remember Judith Braun from the first season of that semi-heinous show Work of Art. I see her often on Bowery and assume she lives and works nearby. Either way I’m excited to meet a celebrity artist for whatever that’s worth!

I just heard about Norman Mooney yesterday from a friend who lives on the same block as his studio. His Wallflower series are sculptures made with cast aluminum and seem to cover all dichotomies between airy fragility and violent intensity. His studio functions doubly as an interior design metalwork shop and can fabricate some sweet dividers for your reception lobby.

Other artists in the the round include: Alexis Portilla, John Clement, Melissa Murray, Carri Skoczek, and Zane York. The tour finally ends at the gallery, showing works by Kathy Goodell.

You know what the best part about this tour is? It’s FREE and you get to be driven around on a private bus!! All I need is a glass of champagne and some chartcuterie and I’m solid.

Seating is limited to 20 so RSVP to by February 10th.


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