Reader: February 3, 2012

– For those hesitant to get jump on the Pinterest bandwagon.

– James Murphy creating his own coffee blend with a non-expert’s curiosity.

– The facebook IPO players club: these minority owners will soon be handed billions.

– Michelle Obama doing pushups.

– What a 5 year old thinks about logos.

10 notable quotes from Zuckerberg’s IPO letter to potential investors.

– OK Go teaches us about primary colors.

– MoMA PS1 unveils nifty performance dome for winter events.

– M. Wells is making froglegs, quail, chorizo, and calamari during PS1’s sunday sessions.

– Sneak Peek of VIP Art Fair, the online art fair that gives you an idea of what it’s like to see art in real life.

– What happens when facebook goes down: “Today, Jesse posted of ordering “Chai tea”, then Facebook went down. OMG! Did his tea arrive safely? Did it have Milk? HOW WAS IT? (cries)”

10 things you do when you don’t want to deal with people. Guilty: “Say “yes” to plans for drinks at 9 with your friend; at 8 text your friend to cancel. Buy a bottle of red wine and retreat to the warm glow of your computer screen.”

– What you can do about Komen cutting funds to Planned Parenthood.

– The truth about nightlife in New York City. Good read.

– Be hired by Tumblr to write about Tumblr.

– How to make cock sauce from scratch.

20 most beautiful bookstores in the world. If only public libraries in NY could come close…

– If only I had 2 SLR cameras to hang a leather camera harness from…

– All the places you can watch Superbowl on Sunday. We’ll be taking advantage Korean BBQ at my papa’s house in Queens.

– Pool funds for birthda presents with Giftiki. are one of many gloves that you don’t have to take off to fiddle with your iphone.


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