Reader: February 7, 2012

– Drive is available on DVD. YES.

10 Questions with my girl Sarah Peltier, founder of Vegan Shop Up, coming to you February 12th at Pine Box Rock Shop in Bushwack.

– How to hire a social media manager, here referred to as inbound marketing manager.

10 writing tips from David Ogilvy.

– Lady Gaga is launching a startup for her little monsters.

– Collectors, dealers and artists respond to VIP art fair.

– I don’t really understand why there’s ANOTHER Spiderman movie…

– Hanging out at George Clooney’s house.

– My design hero David Stark giving a tour of his pop up ambush at Haus Interior.

– Stock photos of women looking remorseful after sexual encounters. Priceless.

– Woody Harrelson’s AMA (Ask Me Anything) gone wrong on reddit.

– All the superbowl ads on Pinterest.

– Performing 365 acts of kindness to prove to his daughter this world ain’t that bad after all.

Three big decisions your startup will make.

Sexist superbowl ads. Not buying it.

Design, Designers, and startups go hand in hand in hand.

– Inside the Idiotard.


– Good looking mini people.

– One woman’s scandalous rejection of her hasidic roots.

– OMG fudgy cocoa strawberry brownies.

Building community for your company.

– A visual crash course in world history in the span of 40 weeks. THIS, is how you get kids into science. Visuals.

Startup ideas Y Combinator would like to fund.


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