Brainstorming Session for a Meta Multi-Media Performance // February 29th

The last few weeks I’ve been toying with the idea of producing a meta multi-media performance where all creative cultures converge. Think: a live performance where the stage is built by artists setting the tone for various acts of dance, video, theatre, musical, what have you, accompanied by live music played by a full program of bands, composers, orchestras, what have you. It would be hyper immersive and interactive where viewer is participant through crowdsourced manuscripting with the use of multiple social  media platforms. So Act 1 might consist of a stage built byan installation artist with a dance troupe frolicking in and around in tune with a song performed by a local band. An ongoing crowdsourced dialogue influences Act 2 which then influences the crowd to build something for Act 3, on and on. There are loads of moving variables and it’s such a gargantuan idea that I don’t quite know how it would work but I like thinking about it.

So much so that I’ve emailed a few very talented creatives from screenwriters and fashion stylists to dancers and composers and was surprised how receptive they were. We’re planning a brainstorming session on February 29th to see where this baby can take us. I’ve named it BRAIN STORM! due to a lack of thinking of anything better to call it. It’s open sourced so I would like to welcome anyone interested to join us in the first session. It might get roudy and very very interesting.

Email me if you’ve got an idea to share, no idea is wrong, and would like to come.

Bring your own drinks and snacks as it might be a wild night.

Brainstorming Session I

February 29th, 2o12 @ 7pm

Church of Messiah

129 Russell Street btw Nassau & Driggs

Greenpoint, Brooklyn


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