Events and Vendors Needed at Dekalb Market

Calling all Vendors, Producers, Organizers, Artists, Musicians, Shakers and Movers!

I need you!

I’ve officially signed a contract (Can you believe I’ve never signed one before?!! A HUGE freelance no no!!) to manage vendors and lead the marketing, programming and events front at Dekalb Market. If you haven’t been to DM in the past year, it’s an amazingly designed outdoor space with 60 container vendors cut out to house various vendors from clothing and food to toys and art installations. There is also room for outdoor table vendors for special events. It is a magical outdoor space and will be fully stocked as the go-to summer beer garden destination.

Jen Lyon, of MeanRed Productions fame, and I have partnered up and will be spending the next couple months preparing for a great year at Dekalb Market and would love for you to join us in one form or another! Some things we have planned:

– Beer & Wine Garden
– Programming & Events
– Ticketed evenings for music and nightlife entertainment including a DEKALB NIGHT MARKET!
– Happy hour specials
– Weekly CSAs and farm based events
– Movie Screenings (Bike Ins!)
– Classes & workshops for retailers
– Weekends
– Highly curated weekend markets
– Free daytime events
– Local bands
– Food competitions
– Supperclub dinners
– Marketing
– Updated website & newsletter
– Revamped social media
– Media partnerships
– Updated roster of vendors featuring the best in their field: food, crafts, art, music, clothing, accessories

If you’re looking for a space to host your performance, food competition, or product please let me know. Anything goes, if you want to showcase your best wood planer, or the latest gizmo. If you’re a vendor and would like either a permanent container space or participate in vendor specific events please let me know. If you know folks who’d love to take this opportunity to use Dekalb Market as a venue for any fun activity, please let me know!

Any questions? Let me know. 🙂



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2 responses to “Events and Vendors Needed at Dekalb Market

  1. Oh I didn’t realize DeKalb Market is “under new management” this year. We’d be more than happy to get a permanent container this season. I think Bavarian (German) traditional food could meet the taste of beer garden visitors quite well.

  2. Permanent containers….hmmmm, that sounds interesting. I’d like to find out more about this.

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