Feed Your Baby Food from the Farm

Lauren and I go way back, like four years or something crazy like that. We met on a double date kind of thing and then I ran into her camping out at Queens County Farm (yes, Queens has a farm). It was right when I was about to launch Greenpoint Food Market and she was stoked to use it as a medium to sell her wicked boiled peanuts and bourbon pecan pies. She sold in many of the markets with her plaid tablecloth and vintage apron, and we even had a catering stint together under the moniker Three Blind Catering.

Lauren’s a tall southern hospitality guru and has since then attended French Culinary Institute, worked the grueling farm stands, tested recipes in the Saveur test kitchen and last but not least, launched a company making and delivering food for babies in the heart of Greenpoint.

Farm to Baby is the latest iteration of the current local, farm fresh, farm-to-table sustainability food movement to hit New York. Lauren takes produce from local farms and cooks up something healthful and delicious, grinds it all up, jars it in cute little mason jars, and delivers it to your baby’s mouth. Launching NEXT WEEK in North Brooklyn she’s on a mission to make it easy to choose the right food for your baby so he/she doesn’t develop mutant toes and brain dysfunctions due to pesticides and whatever weird stuff your kid will experience consuming food and culture in New York.

Read this interview with Lauren, forward to your mommies and mommy-to-bes and try not steal a spoonful when the babe isn’t looking.

What is Farm to Baby in 140 characters or less?

New York City’s first fresh, local and upright food for babies made by hand and delivered right to your door.

What’s the mission and goal that drives Farm to Baby?

Our primary concern is creating the best ever food for babies. Nutrition, flavor, texture and variety are paramount. Making it as easy as possible for parents to feed their children the best nature has to offer is what matters most to us.

Why should parents switch to Farm to Baby food?

Parents concerned with providing their kids with the best nutrition available will recognize the value of a fresh food for babies. Plus, numerous studies have shown that the varied, seasonal menu that Farm to Baby provides makes for less picky toddlers. Finally, parents can trust that Farm to Baby avoids synthetic pesticides and herbicides and plasticizers like BPA and phthalates, which means better, safer food for their babies.

Who makes the food?

I do! I make it all by hand in a certified kitchen. I went to culinary school at The French Culinary Institute and studied nutrition at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

Where do you source the produce?

All of our food is sourced from local farms. We work hard to find farmers who use the best growing practices. That means that our produce is free from synthetic herbicides, pesticides and fungicides. What’s more, these farmers are good stewards of the land, ensuring the health of our planet for the next generation.

Why food for babies? Why not food for dogs, or hipsters, or old people?

Because babies deserve better.  It shouldn’t be hard for parents to feed their babies food that tastes good and is good for them.

What are your pick up/delivery locations?

We’re scouting convenient pick-up locations throughout Brooklyn right now and asking parents for feedback on their ideal locations. We want to make it easy for parents to get fresh and healthy food for their babies.

Where and when are you launching?

Our first deliveries will go out March 2nd in Williamsburg and Greenpoint.



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