Creative Arts Program in March: Learn to Write, Develop Social Skills, Manipulate Images and More

In an ongoing effort to help Skillshare develop their growing Creative Arts Program some of teachers that taught in February are back this month to share their wise wisdoms on topics like art writing, networking, photoshopping, and managing grad school while working. In detail:

This THURSDAY Kyle of artinfo will provide tips on writing about art whether you’re an artist or an art writer. His background as an editor and writer will be super helpful in giving access to a private blog of writing materials and personal online feedback on a piece of writing. You can’t get more hands-on than that.

On March 20th Margaret will teach you how to manage attending grad school while working full time. Now this is no small feat. Never underestimate the double task of reading stacks of art history books while reconciling your boss’ multiple bank accounts. It takes gumption to manage these demanding tasks and Margaret will tell you from her own experience how to keep your head straight AND score straight A’s.

Do you ever get frustrated with image cropping? It sounds so simple and you’ve got Photoshop to manipulate it but you JUST CAN’T FIGURE IT OUT? Well, on March 31st artist Micah Ganske will teach you 10 super useful things in Photoshop that you can use to find quality images, present your work that doesn’t look like it’s been shot by your baby cousin, and get Photoshop to crop that damn image.

Also on March 31st artist Colette Robbins will share productive networking skills without selling your soul. Artists have an ingrained crutch centered around “selling out” which is complete bullshit and counterproductive to gaining the success you’d want as a creative professional. Colette can rid these insecurities and false know-hows, teaching you strategies on effectively approaching people in this art world we love to hate.

There is so much to learn and so little time so whether you’re a recent graduate / aspiring artist or you’re an old timer with a garage filled with paintings dating back to the ’70s do yourself a favor and take a nab at these classes. You’d never know, you might have a thing or two to share yourself in no time.


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