Reader: March 15, 2012

Managing your personal budget. Relieving to know Fred Wilson had a humble start and it’s possible to budget even at shingles per hour.

Worst moments in Romney’s interview.

– OMG why am I just finding out about this non addictive smokable herbal tea?

– I adore and love the work of Kelli Anderson and emailed her recently to help me with my branding and site but she didn’t respond. You can only ignore me for so long.

– Being an undocumented student ain’t easy. I can sympathize. Maybe I should produce a series of events and form an advocacy group. There should be a massive campaign to get the Dream Act passed. Why has it not gone viral yet, considering all the young talented folks out there struggling with this unfortunate state of affairs?? Hmmmm….

– Pretty spring clothes from Madewell.

– I want to go to SF just for this bookstore.

– Miike Snow’s new album review. You can listen to all the tracks now too.

Inner-City Arts is a non-profit providing art education to public school students. Can you imagine learning about graphic design in the 3rd grade? To be so lucky!

– The confounded meaning of contemporary art.

– Bushwick the next gallery district of New York. This makes me a bit sad. I’d root for LES before Bushwick. Sorry Brooklynites.

– Interview with Creative Time curator Nate Thompson.

Flying babies!

– Gallerist Jonathan Levine in a teletubby costume.

– A brief history of African stereotypes.

– On DISBAND, the conceptual art punk band of women artists from the ’70s and ’80s. Love!

– Wish I hadn’t missed Dependent Art Fair.

– Whole Foods is coming to Williamsburg. It’s all over folks.


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