Health & Wellness Reminders from Work It Brooklyn Panel

Last Wednesday Aja, Briana and I hosted another Work it Brooklyn panel, this time centered around health & wellness for the freelance creative. Aja is a natural food chef and organizes North Brooklyn Runners so naturally she moderated the event with panelists including Dishan Elise, a certified personal trainer and the founder/owner of Human At Ease, Kim Ann Curtin, a life coach who is founder and CEO of The Wall Street Coach and Andrea Moss, Holistic Health and Nutrition Coach of Moss Wellness.

It was a very casual and informal setting, hosted inside a yoga room at Human at Ease (it is the ONLY gym that successfully integrates a gym and yoga studio without falling off the tacky ditch) and was unsurprisingly attended mostly by women. This led to that danger zone where guests start talking about hormones and periods and how it affects their work flow and exercising routine. It was a bit self-helpy and life coachy but I learned some pretty basic but helpful reminders on how and WHY I should maintain regular exercise for a healthy state of being.

Some quotes & notes:

– Increase your degree of effort and cut back on hours both at work and exercise. 30 minutes once a week is TOTALLY possible if you push yourself.

– Schedule the time on your calendar as motivational reminders and tasks to go to that damn yoga class.

– Catch yourself off guard and ask What’s happening to my body now? Can I be with it? Tune in with your body and be present, connected.

– Stock up on quick cooking, buy in bulk and focus on in season vegetables which are local and more affordable.

– Create pillars for emotional and physical well being. Eat well and find balance between work and personal.

– You can’t FIND discipline. You have to create it.

– Jump rope.


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