Feastly Potluck Meetup // Aug 19 // @ Dekalb Market

It grosses me a bit that I haven’t posted anything on my own blog since May. My brain has been that scattered. I’ve been that busy. My life has been that chaotic and uninteresting. After awhile I just abandoned the blog altogether and didn’t feel myself worthy to post anything. It was fear and laziness and anxiety piled atop each other and it become nauseatingly frustrating. But here I am to make a new announcement and hopefully get my crinkly fingers typing again for updownacross. Bare with me por favor.

Have you heard of Feastly yet? It’s an online platform that essentially helps you host dinner parties, a tool that connects cooks and eaters together as an alternative to the hectic NYC restaurant dining experience. At least that’s the goal. They launched in DC earlier this year and I’m joining the team to utilize my mad community development skills to bring Feastly to New York and more importantly, Brooklyn. Brooklyn is where the homes are, Brooklyn is where all the foodies are, and Brooklyn is where all those curious tastebuds go searching for new experiences to eat and meet new people.

I’ll be reaching out to all my foodies folks to host and eat throughout the city and I hope you’ll join me for our very first potluck for cooks interested in learning more about the platform. It’s a potluck and a meetup so RSVP here and dress to impress!

NYC Cooks Meetup with Feastly

August 19 // 6 – 9pm

at Dekalb Market

138 Willoughby Street




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