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Baby Art & My Hysterical Pregnancy

I’m not sure how I ran into petitcollage but it sure does reflect my new obsession with babymaking. Yep, you heard it right. Babymaking.

I’ve been struggling with what one would call hysterical pregnancy. Between new babies poppin’ out every other day in our family and being surrounded by breast feeding stroller mamas at Dekalb Market, I’ve been feigning to fill my empty vessel with one of our own. It’s a crazy transformation and some tricked up self-discovery process as my sexuality wanes from that of a single petite Asian girl with a wanted sign blazon across my forehead to that of a female penguin who has found her mate and is preparing her weight-gaining body for motherhood, storing up all that winter fat not suitable for bikinis. My belly has been so bloated lately (overeating, not exercising, eating whilst stressed) that I got all sorts of paranoid and took a pregnancy test, convinced I was preggy when rationally it wasn’t possible. It’s freakish and we’re nowhere near being ready to sacrifice our lives to a child but I can’t help but think if not NOW, then when?

I rationalize it this way: I’m just at the brink of starting my own company under updownacross. It’ll be a cultural website and event production company. I’m so new and still so broke but I’ve come as far as working on my branding, hiring an assistant, and taking up a desk at a coworking space. I figure it’s best to sacrifice a few years to a newborn NOW when I’m still figuring shit out than LATER when I’ve already figured shit out and have to stop my life in its success track for a detour on suburban housewifing. I don’t mind raising a baby whilst broke. I don’t mind raising a baby whilst struggling to manage a 24 hour work day. I don’t mind raising a baby whilst working and playing. However I WILL mind when it keeps me from making 6 figures at the point that I am. I WILL mind when it keeps me from making million dollar deals when that time comes. I WILL mind when it keeps me from recovering to a sexy body form which as you all know is harder when you’re older.

I’m nowhere near rushing. I’m just a bit hysterical. As all things do, I’m sure this will pass. Until then I’ll continue to awwwww over things like craft & design friendly wallpaper and art suitable for my future baby’s decked out room.


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Sign up for Lyceum Spring Food and Craft Market

Brooklyn Lyceum is a community center in downtown Brooklyn that hosts a myriad events from chess to dancing to theater amongst others. I’ve attended their holiday craft market two years in a row and they are now preparing for a spring market that equally combines food and crafts. If you’re a crafty with food, stationary, fabric, junk, whatever, then I suggest you sign up!

Calling all Handmade Crafters and Foodmakers!
The Lyceum builds on its craft market series with the newly expanded
Saturday and Sunday, May 1 and 2, 2010      11am-7pm       FREE ADMISSION
Stay tuned for sponsors, and our market poster design coming soon from our favorite Nate Duval.


Brooklyn Lyceum.   227 4th Avenue in Park Slope.   Right atop the R train station at Union Street.     718-857-4816

Brooklyn, NY –  Expanding into both 4,000 square foot levels of the building –  former NYC Public Bath #7 – we announce our heady new creation: The Lyceum Spring Food and Craft Market 2010. Taking place the weekend of May 1 and 2, we are including all manner of “Handmade” to mean both Crafts and Edibles, so dig in.

Our intent with this Market is to highlight the full expansive array of fantastic, artisanal goods available all throughout the Northeast, and get them into the homes, shops, mouths and consciousness of the thousands of discerning NYC patrons who will cross our stoop that Spring weekend, and exit with a healthy armload of gorgeous products they can feel good about. Clothing, clocks, art, gifts, jams, chocolates, cheeses, craft beer. We make it a point to ensure a successful AND fun shopping event. ALSO NEW: Workshops and Demos – Learn to bind a book or grab a basic lesson in chocolate making, among many others. Full Schedule will be included when confirmed.

The Venue:
Over the last year the Brooklyn Lyceum has, so far, put on four highly-attended Craft Markets, as well as the successful inaugural NYC Zine Fest and KingCon: Comic & Animation Fest, where thousands have come together to shop, make crafty connections and enjoy the historical Lyceum space.  Our Market Series has enjoyed great success, and we’re excited to bring you another fine event. Cavernous yet cozy ‘vintage’ indoor marketplace. An easily accessible location right on the R train at Union Street.  Lunch from local vendors. The Lyceum Cafe now serving Intelligentsia coffee, great service from our spunky baristas.

Catch ALL the details at

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Brooklyn Lyceum Holiday Craft Market

Shortly before Christmas Brooklyn Lyceum hosted a holiday craft market and I attended on Sunday (Saturday having been the day of the one and only Greenpoint Food Market). There were a few nifty things and I was happy to see some vendors I saw and bought from last year. A photo recap of a few covetous items ensue:

Anarchy in Jar stirs my heart with their plum and strawberry jam, neither of which they had so I settled for the blueberry which actually grew on me as the days progressed and I slathered gratuitously onto my deliciously baked scone.

Sugarbuilt was at GFM the day before and here she was again kicking ass with these amazingly decorated and gigantic snowflakes.

Get lick’d makes awesome organic doggy treats. I was very tempted to stick a sample in my mouth.

Kristiana Parn‘s bunnies hanging off tress and foxes contemplating under the moon are homey, comforting, unobtrusive, and sweet.

Michelle Han’s woodcut prints were beautiful in their layering rich colors of brown, gold, red, blues. Images of birds and trees billowing in peace were a step away from the chaoticism that is our everyday. I enjoyed these very much.

I see these little creature pots from the Plane Jane Project in many of the craft markets that happen here. Their creepy but benign, sad but friendly.

I have a card from Fisk & Fern that’s been up on my wall since last year, I love the wispy line, the shiny and luscious colors of sea and plant creatures printed on notebooks and cards. She also had really cute aprons.

I didn’t note who this vendor was but I love this card, and any image that incorporates food.

This is what my doodles look like, in jewelry form. I love these necklaces by Victoria Strevens, especially the one all the way to the right, it’s EXACTLY how I doodle. Love it.

These tinysaurs were very, tiny.

I LOVE these prints. Absurd, surreal, creepy, crisp, and I especially fell for the images that were (of course) food driven.

Love these fruity shirts from Squidfire.

I was moved by Karen Lederer‘s combination of familiar imagery and the various sources that were tapped into in making these cards and bags. Her website has even more impressive works.

The larger bowls by Yasha Butler reminded me of toilets from Korea. These bring fonder reactions, simple yet emphatic in shape and curvature.

These cases by Aster + Sage are sure cute in their geometric, robotic, futuristic design.

These diagrammatic images by girls can tell are amazing in its handcraftedness and detailed precision.

The vendors at Rubina Design told me the chuck taylor love affair were the most popular. I don’t blame them.

These magnetic spice jars by Gneiss Spice create pretty neat patterns and would accentuate quite nicely on the side of a bland and ugly refridgerator, and save space!

More pics on the flickr page.

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Lyceum Craft Fair


Over the weekend I trekked my way over to Lyceum in Park Slope hopes to find presents. Presents I did not buy but cards I did, many of them. But I won’t be using them to mail, but rather to tack on my pretty walls. There were many nifty things one could buy as presents, I just have a hard time doing the get something random and cool for a person, I feel more comfortable grueling and laboring over something that is specific and significant to an individual person. But at the rate I’m going now I’m regretting not buying anything.

A few nifty things I found:

img_0385Really awesome prints on Moleskine journals using deep underwater creatures.

img_0384Cute collage made out of magazine shreds.

img_0386Your very own Obama face bag. What a handsome man.

img_03872Images made out of repeptitive needle poked holes. Minimal, white, abstract, very nice. I bought three of them and vertically lined them on my wardrobe door.

img_0388Cute fox.

img_0389Cute bibs, although I would imagine you’d have to wash them constantly and they’d shrink to the size of your thumb.

img_0390Cute necklaces for all the hipsters in your life.

img_0392I like the one to the right, how appropriate. They were too expensive to buy.

img_0394For the boys.

img_0396Yoga mats. I love the Japanese fabric, would make a great curtain or tablecloth.

img_0399Crafty decorative paintings.

img_0400Turd necklace at center. It’s called the deux.

Looking back now I REALLY regret not buying any of the things shown above. Next year I will have to be better prepared. Can you believe xmas is in 2 days?!! Confounded.

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Holiday Craft Fairs

I indulged in craft fairs on Sunday, visiting 3rd Ward’s Handmade Holiday Craft Fair and Cafe Grumpy’s Hearts and Crafts Fair founded by barista/crafter Miss Birney. I scored a few cute handmade and printed cards that won’t be sent away but tacked on my wall, a loose knitted baggy cap which I’ve been looking all over the place for and cookies, hot chocolate, muffins galore. O, and nipples.

At 3rd ward there were about 50 vendors displaced in a few separate rooms with funky holiday beats concocted by a hipster dj, it was a fun affair, a bit crowded, a bit kitschy, a perfect combo for an entertaining crowd gazing day.


Simply put: I couldn’t not get these nipples. They were fantastically grotesque, created by what would be a fine artist who makes these on the side for fun. O they were fun, I’m having a blast with them. I also bought one of those naval mugs, I know exactly who to give it to. As for the nipples, they will hang and perk proudly on my fridge.


I don’t think these are for real dogs, they were too small, and didn’t look to warm either, but I love the pattern, so saucy.


I can’t recall her name at the moment but she makes these beautifully decorated cookies all year round, holiday ornamented for this month’s proper occasion. She provides such delicious goodies for catering as well. I shoved my card in her face and told her to hire me as an intern seeing as how she makes all these herself and can probably use an eager and free apprentice.


These tantalizing chocolates are founded by a couple and will open a store in Park Slope. They are also at the Union Square holiday market and will be at Lyceum craft fair in Park Slope next weekend. I tried their hot chocolate which held a special place in a heart that needed warming, no matter how momentary it may have been.


Goodies from The Brooklyn Kitchen. I spotted really cute vintage aprons, but they were only waist high, I would love the ones that actually covered the top. I’ll be patient, I’m sure they’ll come through.


Confession: I have a hideous crush on this man. I should like a hunk of his chocolate. Grossly inappropriate, sorry. Him and his brother make chocolate in a factory near my house which is why I see them so often and I as a result, drool and daydream. Their Mast Brothers Chocolate goods can be found in a few places but even more exciting is their store that will soon open in W’burg. He seemed a bit annoyed I wanted him in the picture, but that’s probably because everyone wants his picture and its become a monotonous task, this distributing of good looks… Their site here. (on a side note, this image was used in a Brooklyn Based tip sheet, here)


Over at Cafe Grumpy, it was a much smaller affair, maybe 20 vendors or so with cute little nifty crafty things for your DIY pleasure. These cute little square paintings were created by 7 year olds, a relative of the vendor, it will probably be very similar to what I end up making in the next few days, more on that later.


I love the baby card. It clearly says: o mother earth (or Obama, you choose), please save me from this economic plunge that will ever increase in 2009, I bring peace and prosperity and will never leave carbon footprints or  engage in war, I won’t buy houses I can’t afford and will grow my own vegetables. heh.


Apologizes for the fuzziness, I remember seeing these little humpty dumpty creatures at Renegade this past June and I bought a handmade and painted card because these little pots were a bit pricey, but still irresistible.


These hand sewn banner were strewn across the cafe walls, very cute, very DIY.

There are many more craft fairs to visit this month, I am feeling a bit overwhelmed by them but have caught this contagious holiday spirit and will share with you some more in the coming days.

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Sites of the Day

I’m completely drooling over Design*Sponge lately.


They have sections that peek into people’s beautifully designed and furnished homes, a section for DIY home furnishing craft projects, of which I’ve hit inspirational moments (I will put up a peg board in my kitchen to hang my pots and decoupage my ugly white cabinets as well as my gray filing cabinets), and other glorious eye popping features.

This is what I’m doing to my kitchen:


Another site I’m frequently eye gagging over is Lena Corwin’s blog.


She’s a textile designer and illustrator and posts all these pretty things that I want to hoarde and make out with. She’s based in brooklyn and is teaching a stamping class for a whopping $90 Dec 1st and 8th. Pricey but materials are provided for not to mention I get to meet her AND the maker of Design*Sponge. So I’m there, you should too.


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